3.0 Elemental BV Inquisitor Life based SC/HC viable(Non Budget)

Hello all...This is yes another ele bv inquisitor life based.Its not budget by any means and it can get even more expensive(the real glass cannon) and even going lowlife (which i found isnt much appealing to me at least as an inquisitor)So to the matter at hand....

Passive Tree


So couple of information...You can either get VP fast or not...Depending how you play...You can also get the Ash,Frost and Storm cluster for the 10% reduced reflected elemental damage taken as a way of defence apart the life leech and pantheon and flasks and ascendacy ofc....As i stated this is the life variation so only limited to 4 Power charges...You can tweak and fix the tree according to your preferences as always...More ele dmg,crit multi or crit chance,less life or even more area of effect or less....As i progress in levels though im planning on getting the Alchemist Node in Witch area and probably Light of Divinity at the end.....

The choice for me is Alira pretty obvious reasons

This is a tricky one...Still depends on your playstyle....I tried every possible compination and i found for my playstyle that Yugul and playing around with Solaris and Lunaris depending the situation(Phoenix boss for example)

This is yet another easy choice
We rush to get Inevitable Judgement and then we got two options...One is depending if we get VP or not cause its an option....First one with VP is Augury of Penitence and Instruments of Virtue....and we are set...The other option is Pious Path but u wont get VP and u wont have 100% elemental conversion(it will be 50% physical and 50%Lightning)

Now the good part

Weapon of choice is a dagger with spell damage,crit chance for spells and if u are lucky crit multi and attack speed(ignore the crafted crit strike on my weapon missclicked in vagan :P)

I went with shield instead of dual wielding for some "tankiness"...Things to look for in a shield
Crit chance for spells,life,cast speed and any resist u might miss in the process

I went for a hybris i found with the 40% BV damage enchant for 40c so i thought it was a decent deal
Things you want in your helmet
Life,and resists you might need

I went for the usual carcass jack although there is a better one for the expensive version of the build

Gloves :
This is a staple for me i went with Hrimburn(fated version of Hrimsorrow)the added bonus of our cold damage igniting is a small extra :)


For the rings i went with life resists and cast speed since i was lucky to get it and in the amulet u need spell damage,crit multi,crit chance,life...Also note that you will need dexterity so its good to get it wherever you can (yes even in a helmet hello Stankonja)

Here you got some options...You can go with a rustic sash,leather belt or belt of the deceiver
Each gives something in return...Rustic gives damage,leather belt gives more life and deceiver gives the intimidate buff (more damage than a rustic)
I went with a deceiver as a personal choice

Boots:Also here you can take whatever you feel like as a base
You need life,movespeed and the resists you are missing....Also the best enchant personally speaking is the 16% increased attack speed and cast speed if you killed recently...Helps alot with map clear and in boss fights (i yet have to get it at some point)

Now this is where it gets interesting and costly also
Taste of Hate,Sin's Rebirth,Atziri's Promise,a diamond flask and a life flask
Taste for the defence and damage,Sin's rebirth is broken as a defence and damage boost(Hail Unholy Might) and Atziri's well damage and leech is good :)

This is tricky also but in general guide u need at least life and spell damage while holding a shield....As a third property physical damage,area damage,spell damage,crit multi
Also The Green Dream is a quality of life choice (no need to spam orb of storms while mapping,only in bosses)

Now we go the important part links

Orb of storms,power charge on crit,arcance surge,and u can get either increased crit strikes or innervate as a forth link to guarantee the shock..


Vaal Clarity,Vaal Haste,Ice golem,Increased Duration

Blasphemy,Warlords Mark,Hatred,Enlighten

Cast when damage taken,Immortal Call,Increased Duration

Whirling blades,faster attacks,fortify(u can use shield charge if u like)


Now this is debatable and according to play style again...For me the links are as follow:
Blade vortex,Physical to Lightning,Conc effect(u can replace it with increased area for mapping,
Elemental Focus,Spell Echo and Controlled Destruction(you swap spell echo with Increased Crit Strikes for bossing...vaal haste gets you 20 stacks easilly

I've cleared all content and shaper safelly with the above build(yes its not a budget one,but i can run every map mod available even ele reflect maps just swap gems around(remove physical to lightning and hrimburn and close hatred)

Now the choices for a glass cannon version


2 void batteries (and u get all power charges from the tree)

Incadescend Heart
Carefull though as u will need chaos res in your rest of the gear
Tried this variation and the difference in damage is like 100-150k in the end(without opal rings ofc)

Also for rings you require opals with the essence craft for Gain 10% of physical damage as fire damage

And thats a wrap gentlements and ladies...If you have any questions please do share...sadly i cant post any videos yet when i have the opportunity ill sure will

Hope to hear some news from people trying it

Last bumped on Oct 10, 2017, 10:05:21 PM

Inventory: Inc AoE, Conc, Ele Focus. Hardly ever use Inc AoE. Ele Focus for ailment immune bosses if I'm not lazy. Controlled Destruction is in 99% of the time as freezing and shocking enemies is great for survivability.

96 going on 97. Build does everything you want it to. Guardians, Shaper, Uber Atziri. Reflect is a bitch. Stick to linear maps if you want to go fast.


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