[Known] New? Desync Issues

I have seen desync issues recently where the monsters keep moving, but they are not graphically where they are supposed to be. I beleive this is the same bug that happens with projectiles when they disappear currently.

To explain:

Monster is at visibly at location x, it is attacking you and you see animations.

Monster is actually at location Y,

If not targeting monster specifically and just attacking in it's direction you will not hit it.

So archers are ninjas D:

This also happens with projectiles and spark is notorious for it at the moment. You will see the sparks hit something, but then invisible "real" server side sparks are still going hitting things invisibly.
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This is an old old issue, and will definitely be fixed when we improve Sync!
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This is getting really bad for me, i expect as a syptom of open beta but even the last week or so of closed - desync and lag spikes have made some areas like the forests pretty much unplayable :(
This thread was posted one year ago, have there been any updates? Desync is horrendous right now, did you ever getting around to "improving Sync?"
dunno if its desync or just lag for me, but my ping stops "pinging" and everything freezes except for my character for several seconds...

and no, its not my isp, since all other games out there works just fine without lag during the exact period of time (except for diablo 3)
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