AntiAliasing past 4x = distorted top of screen

5, 6, 7, and 8x all cause distortion across the top of my screen. The distortion is across the whole top 1" of the screen and looks vertically stretched. It's constant, in menus, etc.
Got that too since i updated my nvidia drivers to 295.73.
A known problem with your graphics card! Turning Post Processing off should fix this, or adjusting your graphics card settings to toggle Antialiasing.
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This problem happened to me as well, but only after i updated my video drivers
My AA is only 2x though

When i was using nvidia version 285.58 i didnt have this problem
After updating to 296.10 it started, turning post processing off fixes it

It seems more like an issue with drivers then with specific cards since my the game was working as intended with my card before changing the drivers
Hi, i've this bug too since the last two Nvidia Drivers Patches; it seems to cause too in my case, a desync look alike issue.

When i exit the Forest Encampment to the Crossing Roads, the thing appears more than half of the times that i gonna enter in combat with an NME moving the whole screen things (unless the GUI) down and up again. But seems that the distorted stripe on top of the screen appears half of the times. Let's C ya
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This will be fixed in 0.9.7, and you'll be able to turn AA and Post Processing back on when it comes out!
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Digging the forum for AA issues I found this topic which best describes my observation. When AA is activated (all levels) there is a horizontal disturbance near top of screen. It looks like a single line of fluid. It's highly annoying and I was a bit worried because this is a new computer that I just built. However, I discovered that when changing from windowed mode to full-screen, this issue dissapeared. Nevertheless it does exist and it seems independant of in-game location. I'm running NVIDIA (Asus) GTX670 @ 1920x1200 @ EIZO FlexScan S2431W. NVIDIA 310.90 drivers.

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