Acrobatics removes endurance charge damage mitigation

With two endurance charges (from Warlord's Mark) and Hyrri's Ire equipped, my character screen does not show the 10% damage mitigation that I should be getting.
My thought on this is.. Endurance Charges add Damage Reduction which is based on Armor. Effectually, 2 Endurance Charges are adding enough Armor to reduce all physical damage by 10%. Acrobatics removes all Armor. Therefore, 0 Armor = 0 Damage Reduction.

Makes sense to me but who knows what is really supposed to happen.
Endurance charges have never actually added armor. Armor is only one potential source of damage mitigation.
That's why I said effectually, I didn't mean they literally add armor. Maybe effectively was the right word? I get them confused sometimes.

So you're saying you're not getting resistances either? That's the only other 'mitigation' from Endurance. The added resistances, I would think, should be unaffected by Acro.

Edit: My resistances go up by 10% just fine with 2 Endurance Charges and Hyrri's Ire equipped.
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Confirmed, I'm also seeing 10% physical damage reduction with endurance charges and no acrobatics, and 0% with endurance charges. I'll check if it's actually preventing Endurance Charges working, or whether it's just a stat display problem.
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Sorry for bumping this old thread, but I would like to know if this is/was actually a bug or if it is intended. Does physical reduction from endurance charges work with Acrobatics or is it reduced to 0%?

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