I have been attempting to develop the working plan for a COC discharge Inquisitor using Cospri's Malice. I have looked at a number of builds but have not been able to find one that uses Cospri's Malice.

Inquisitor CoC discharge would be amazing given the ascendancy: INEVITABLE JUDGEMENT
which essentially causes you to forget about enemy resistance. I love that. I still opted for Elemental equilibrium, but I am unsure if it is necessary... If it isn't necessary with that ascendancy node it may open some options.

Here is the link to the POB:

The gear I have listed on the toon is not real. It is just made up and set to high damage/mods, just because I was just have been trying to make the tree work.

Setting the items to perfect rolls just gives me an idea of damage potential and life potential and it is easy to just set up everything with perfect rolls to move onto the tree and skill setup.


Life: I appear to be stuck with around 4800 life on POB and I believe it would need more.

Damage: The damage is meager. Realistically, the discharge would proc quite a bit. But the issue is the damage of the discharge. You have to forfeit damage nodes to get crit nodes. Unless I go jewel slots to gain crit for cyclone melee attack to damage, which is an option...

Tree: there too many clusters of skill points that appear to not be properly or efficiently achieved.
Specifically, over by assassin, Its a mess. I also have to gain access to Vaal Pact and the way that I do that is shit. I could travel through witch tree to assassin tree, but I question this move.

Gear questions:

Do you have the opportunity to discharge power charges when using Malachi's Loop? I could care less about the shock because I could get a flask to mitigate that. The extra damage from this item could prove to be amazing.

I could go Energy shield, but I don't know much about energy shield and frankly, I question it.

Please give me insights!!!!!
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I cant view your pob link its giving an ssl connect error at my pob.But anyway you can see my cospri inquisitor Abruzzi.

İnquisitor seems very good with inevitable judgment.But its not.Your crits will be horrible.Unless you use crit essence crafted gloves you cant even crit with your shield charge so farming will be terrible.

İnquisitor dps seems more then assasin or scion.But again as I said its not smooth.Sometimes u cant crit for almost 3 second in middle of the harbinger mobs (bad luck).Use every pot u got try to stay alive until your crit came.but it dont and you die.

I tryed many tree combinations like not going to ranger part and stays on shadow,templar area get more total it gives me someting like 5700hp.still not enough.nothing keeps you alive if your flasks isnt up.So I decided to go for ranger path and take flask far its better then before.But again its not smoother then assasin or scion while mapping or bossing.

Whatever you managed to make your crit and life good and other stuff.You seem good to go but staaahp.Your not.Since inquisitor is the worst class for dealing with reflect.Dude your almost one shotting yourself on every single reflect mob.Trust me not even purity of light and fire is not enough.And its fuckng annoying to die on 1 single shield charge.İf your lucky your discharge not critting and you can stay alive with %20 hp.

Implaying with inquisitor discharge since league started.Leveled nicely until 88..But going for 89 was nghtmare.and 90? hell na its hard.Your even keep diyng in some easy mabs since there is reflect mobs.

Shadow is much smoother and easier for coc discharge.Scion could be okay with that juicy 1.5 base crit.And raider is hard to optimize and need to spend so much money.But when you do it it will be best class since flasks are op.

So dont try inquisitor discharger.You will be sad..
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I used life leech support, warlord's mark, purity of fire& lightning, topaz flask and ruby flask to finally keep myself from being one shot by reflect.

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