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Theorycrafting ARC Tank

Hey, Im thinkin about making a "FaceTank", I do realise there already is a facetank build for witch.
I am trying it out atm.


But I want a Arc FaceTank Build and I Would prefer a Witch but Im guessing a Templar would be much better suited..
What acsendancy ive no clue to yet.

Necromancer do have "Mistress of Sacrifice" and with that its easy(easier) to come up to %block cap.
If so Add "Low lvl CWDT with Desecrate+Bone Offering to the GEM Section"

Im thinking a "crit build" but it's not set in stone.

What ive come up with is this so far.. pretty please correct me if you see any fails and so forth.. I need yalls help to make a build out of what ive come up with yet..

I do realise a big part of the game is making your own build and either fail or succeed with it.

But ive spent countless hours trying builds, loads and loads of them..
Spent 1000s of exalteds doing so..

Now I want to try make something out of my thoughts and making it viable both for maps and endgame bosses such shaper/guardians/uber atziri..

Ive only done normal atziri, chimera and minotaur so far (NOT WITH THIS)...

As I would like to one day progress into the Hardcore Servers as I only played HC on d3, I loved it.
Softcore feelt so easy.

I AM NOT SURE WHAT WAY I WILL/SHOULD GO, in the aspect of Life/ES/MoM/LL/Hybrid

3L#CWDT Shield Charge+Fortify+FasterAttacks
3L#CWDT Immortal Call+Bloodrage
4L#COH Enfeeble+Conductivity+Arcane Surge
4L#CWDT Tempest Shield+Arcane Surge+IncDuruation
4L#CWDT Spark+Elemental Profiferation+Innervate Support
6L#Arc+Chain+FasterCasting+Controlled Destruction+Onslaught+LightningPenetration+Empower

Could even go 3-4 Curses if I use the passive talent/ascendancy perk/Cospri's Will but I would rather have them as Curse on hit other than a "Curse-Aura".

(lvl1 CWDT + Bloodrage with Immortal Call with Pantheon "Soul of Arakaali +Capture HoT")
Or a CWDT Stone/Light Golem

These gems are NOT a must, its just a thought!

Ive chosen none Auras yet cause If I do go MoM I think I will use a Essence Worm Unset Ring
With either Clarity / Wrath / Discipline / Grace / Haste depending on the rest of the setup.


Doryani's Catalyst
Hyaon's Fury
Cybil's Paw
Divinarius (Seems perfect??)
Mjölner (ALOT, ALOT of req strength)
The Rippling Thoughts
Fidelitas' Spike
Piscator's Vigil
Void Battery (With Voll's Protector and Inya's Epiphany)
or a Rare crafted weapon deluxe super expensive??

The Surrender
Esh's Visage
Rapthpith Globe
or a Rare with Inc Spell DMG / Inc Crit Chance for Spells

Stone of Lazhwar (+1 Curse)

Boots: (Regenerate 2% Life&Mana /sec)
Rainbow Strider
Inya's Epiphany

Helmet: (Arc DMG 40%)
Perhaps if we swing that way, Bone Helmet with 40+ Minion DMG+2LVLS to Minions?

Cloak of Defiance (I would ofc go MoM in passives aswell)
Zahndethus' Cassock
Belly of the Beast
The Beast Fur Shawl
Cospri's Will
Voll's Protector

Gloves: (15% Spell DMG)
Rare Fingerless Silk Gloves

Possible Gift From Above
Possible Essence Worm Unset Ring


Jewels(Thinking about):
2x Hazardous Research
1x The Red Nightmare
?x Reckless Defence
1x Energy From Within

Vessel of Vinktar ???
The Overflowing Chalice ????

Passive Tree:
No Clue yet since I have not come that far yet, since Im not sure what Class / Ascendancy Ill go to.

So PRETTY PLEASE WITH A CHERRY ON THE TOP give me some ideas, help and/or some feedback!

how would you do this?
What class and what acsendancy?
What needs to be changed to apply it for a witch?
What needs to be changed to apply it for a templar?
What item would you add/remove to make it viable?
IF NOT ARC as main spell, Which SPELL would you use?

(PS: H3LL NO TO CYCLONE and Scorching Ray, I hate Whirlwind In all GAMES!!!)

Thank y'all in advance!
Sorry for my *english* if I misspelled something or just failed grammar somewhere!
With Regards, LFM91
Last bumped on Sep 25, 2017, 4:36:31 PM

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