How can i improve my build ?


How can i improve my build with my character "Totorn" ?

I know that it maybe is not the greatest classes and weapons for playing Charged Dash, but i wanted to do this build for fun, with CoC and Frost Wall and changing with Ice Crash sometimes... And that was fun :D
And i still can do the uber lab and T12 ( and some T13) maps easily but no more than that.

So is there a way ? While remaining with staves and CoC. Maybe a "Belly of the Beast" ? But i don't think it's interesting with the loss of armour.

Here's my Path of Building build :

Thanks :)
Last bumped on Sep 27, 2017, 11:15:08 AM
Just checked it. Your life on the passive tree is 113% wich is abysmal. You should aim for at least 160% and drop some of the low damge clusters

Also your Ice Nova and Frost Wall are absolutely not worth using on CoC. Their damage is extremely low in comparison to just charged dash. They have like 1/100 of the hit damamge

Actual CoC builds normally scale for the damage of the spells with spell crit and multi or spell damage.

In your case I would clearly invest much more into life and drop the CoC stuff entirely. Then start scaling weapon damage and charged dash if thats your type of style you wanna play.
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