First Char - Salvageable for endgame?

So i'm new and here is my first char ever in harbinger standard. I could use some help/constructive criticism if i'm going to tackle any endgame content. Also gets a bit old just watching your party members that are your level breeze thought areas that i cant even handle.

-I cleared act 10 with a party (who did all the hard work), solo im only suited to be in mid act 9. I tired my first T1 map today and it kicked my ass.
-I didn't follow any builds, I blindly chose whatever i thought would help me most at the time.
-I went for mace because i happened to find what seemed to be a good one, then i went for cold as ice nova seemed to be my best skill.
-Id be tempted to add more cold/spell damage but no one seems to use an ice nova build so maybe its not to late for me to shift to something better?
- i did read that votex>icenova so i started leveling a votex gem, its still 2 levels behind ice nova and not doing as much damage (even if i move it to the support gem)
-I am sitting on 7 unused points and have 20 refunds

Skill tree:


I don't think any of my other gear is note worthy, but i do have half a stash tab full of gems (most little or not leveled). I have a few alternate rings/amulates/belts/flasks but nothing epic. Everything is self found. i have not tried any trade. I have about half a tab of currency but most of it is the low end stuff. i have like 5 chaos. So i guess i would need a relativity low budget solution

any help would be appreciated! thanks!
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Yeah your character is bricked, but thats fine!

Your first few characters will be massive learning experiences and there is a bunch of ways to learn either following new player guides or just by playing it and seeing what you feel like doing organically.

The game doesn't give you a ton of respec points since it wants you encourage you to roll a new character when you feel like the one you are playing isn't quite what you want your next one to be which is why your tree is too random to really be worth fixing instead of just rolling a a new character

You have gotten physical mace and spell nodes which don't synergise. Your mace mostly has elemental damage not physical damage and so those points are not doing much. Your ice nova is also getting nothing from those nodes. You have also gotton some pure fire nodes when essentially none of your damage is fire

As you start a new character its best to firstly get alot more life nodes even if they are a bit out of your way. Secondly think of one type of skill and then focus your damage points on that. There are a number of cold skills in the game so if you wanted to play as a cold wizard and still be able to change between any of the cold spells that is fine and means that the only damage things you take in the tree would be "spell damage" "cast speed" and "cold damage" since you want everything you take to be helping you with those cold spells

Or if you wanted to play a physical mace user then make sure you get yourself a mace with high physical damage and then only get "mace damage" "physical damage" "one handed weapon damage" etc type nodes, just make sure that it matches what you are using

Ice nova is not a top tier skill but that doesn't mean its horrible just that there are better options. This game is very open to do what you feel like doing. The big issue I see with the gem is that it isn't supported with many support gems that give it anything.

Added cold isn't bad but stun isn't a very good support since it doesn't add any damage. Spell echo, controlled destruction and several other gems are better then either option. Its suprising that you havn't found any 4 link items yet but its a big goal in this game to look for items with enough connected sockets that your main skill can be supported with many good gems with the very endgame goal of having a chest with 6 connected sockets which allows you to boost your main skill with 5 different supports

WaffleT made some good comments already. It will probably be best just to roll a new character and follow one of the many good beginner building guides there are available. Here's one with many useful links:

But if you want to use this one, I've made you a tree where I'd used that 20 respec points you have and tried to salvage your tree as good as possible:

Like WaffleT observed, your build was all over the place (which is understandable as this is your first character :D) and a lot of passives don't work together. Seeing you have a couple a good mace passives, I tried to focus on that and ditch the spell-oriented ones, because it's a good idea to focus on either melee or on spells. I'd brought up your life total to over a 100% extra, but as a rule of thumb it should get over at least 150%. That way you won't die that quickly :) Also, try to get your resistances (Cold, Fire and Lightning) to the cap of 75%. Again, then you won't die that much ;)

A good skill to use with this is the melee skill Ice Crash:
You can buy this at the act 3 vendor Clarissa and try to link it in an item with 4 linked 3 red sockets and one green socket with at Melee Physical Damage (vendor act 2 Yeena) - Elemental Damage with Attacks (vendor act 2 Yeena) - Added Cold Damage (Which you are already using). For Ice Crush it is advised to get a Two Handed Mace with high flat Physical Damage and high % Physical Damage on it (start with at least 80%).

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Thanks guys. Guess ill respec ad try to push a bit further then start a new one soon

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