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Need help with a Freeze/Shatter Cameria's Maul Inquisitor

Howdy all,

What I am trying to do is create an Inquisitor that freeze/shatters using dual wield Cameria's Maul for iir, shooting for about 200% iir and max chance to shatter (whatever that is, 100%?)

So far I've fallen pretty flat. My dps wallows at 8k, my chance to freeze (using Glacial Hammr currently) is 30% and crit chance is 20.24/17.77%.

current build at 60

I'm running 4 Shattered Chains jewels for 60% increased cold damage and 80% iir in total.

Ascendancy is Inevitable Judgement and probably Pious Path but I haven't decided yet.

Current 5L GH setup is GH - EDwAS - Multistike - Melee Spalsh - Fortify. My 6th might be Hypothermia.

Runnng HoI and Ice Golem

I'm pretty much willing to go in any direction to make this work. The only thing I'm dead set on is the Cameria's, I really want to make those work even if it means I'm not doing amazing damage. Good enough is good enough.

Should I be going for more crit to shatter or is it better to go with skills and items that give a flat % to freeze?

Is Glacial Hammer viable?

Any help would be most appreciated,

Thank you

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