two outside without team

we were in team just finishing normal.
we had already done that and each time my friend got a client crash (for each new difficulty level in fact).
this time he re load the game and without teaming again enter the wp to twilight strand...
so, we are on twilight strand, without being in a team.
I think we are finally ready for PvP ^^.
... nothing
Last edited by __Z__ on Feb 20, 2012, 3:16:40 AM
I confirm, very strange ! But we was not really in PvP (we tried :p)

And I've got client crash relatively often but... I play PoE with a laptop (Dell Latitude E6400 with 4 Gb RAM) ;)
This is just part of how our party system works - We may fix it in future, when we improve party instancing! Thanks for checking with us.
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