3.0 - Inquisitor - Scorching Ray/ Magma Orb - Junk Bin Juggernaut


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Hello everyone,

This is my first forum build so please excuse any mistakes. I would like to share my Tabula Rasa Junk Bin Juggernaut Build in hopes for the upcoming Build of the Week. I call it that because all of the items were pretty cheap 1-3 chaos aside from the Unset Worm ring 12 Chaos and the wand was 5 or so and the Tabula was 12 Chaos. All Jewels were 1 Chaos each the Brine Crown could easily be replaced for a high life high armour Helmet, but that was a found item so I did not purchase. Currently those sell for about 40 Chaos or so. Note this is not the completed build, but a mid tier viable cheap version. The final will include a high Evasion 6L instead of the Tabula Rasa. So, without further ado, let's get on with it.



Tanky early and throughout the course
Great second character build
Uses Tabula Rasa into End Game Content
Cheap relatively
Great for Boss Fights
Handles most map mods well
Good ranged damage


Flask and regen dependent
Needs distance for best results


Gem Setup:

Tabula Rasa 6L - Scorching Ray . Magma Orb . Life Leech . Mana Leech . Elemental Focus . Cast While Channeling

Helmet 4L - Arcane Surge . Orb of Storms . Curse on Hit . Enfeeble (Can switch for Flammability for more damage)

Wand - Clarity (and Arctic Armor if not using Essence Worm)

Shield 3L - Lightning Warp . Faster Casting . Less Duration

Gloves and Boots 4L - Cast When Damage Taken . Immortal Call . Molten Shield . Increased Duration

Essence Worm - Arctic Armor



Starting out use Tabula Rasa and collect get Magma Orb early and start leveling collect other gems as they become available and add them. For the other items upgrade them as you find better gear as you go. Use Binding orbs as needed to easily craft 4L items. Look for Armour only items on the gloves and boots for a better chance att all red sockets. Energy shield items will get you and easier 4L all blue for the helm.

Bandit Quest:

Help Alira

Stats to focus on:

Fire Damage
Spell Damage
Cast Speed
Projectile Damage


2x Inevitablity Cobalt Jewels and 1 (or more?) Corrupted Healthy Mind Cobalt Jewel with the "You cannot be Cursed with Silence" mod (very important late game)


Catalysed Sanctified Life Flask of Iron Skin
Surgeon's Divine Life Flask of Heat
Experimenter Quicksilver Flask of Adrenaline
Catalysed Sanctified Mana Flask of Dousing
Bubbling Sanctified Mana Flask of Staunching


Required Uniques:

Dody Armour: Tabula Rasa

Optional Uniques:

Helmet: The Brine Crown Prophet Crown

Shield: Chernobog's Pillar

Gloves: Winds of Change

Ring: Essence Worm


Passive Tree (Only at level 70 so far):

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I hope this goes on build of the week.
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like the idea, seems quite sweet

my only issue is running mana leech and life leech in the tabula

wouldnt blasphemy + warlords be better, while giving you endurance charges and leech?
I know this causes the problem of having to reserve mana outside of essence worm, but still

might be a thing to add to the guide for people that wanna run it ^^
Warlord's would be good for mobs, but wouldn't be as effective against bosses. I will updating the guide later today with some things I missed and some changes.
I got the same idea in 3.0 and I made it become my first 3.0 build
And I just fuck up. Not so fast, not 100% safe.
It seems magma orb totem or others will be better
Hey guys sorry been away a bit. I did remake this build as a dark pact marauder. Better leech and damage and can face tank high tier multi mod maps.


No video?

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