[3.0] Commando with shotgun(shrapnel shot) and phosphorus grenades(fire trap)


We stack a bunch of on-hit elemental damage and use clusters of fire traps to generate us frenzy charges and and set enemies on fire, which in turn allows us to use new immolate support gem that adds a buttload of flat fire damage to our attacks. So the general playstyle is: drop 1-2 clusters of fire traps and then destroy them with shrapnel shots in close range.

Gem Links:

My current links

As a sixth link in your main shrapnel shot chain you can use either elemental focus or slower projectiles if you want to keep the hopes of doing some accidental elemental status effects now and then. Either of those in sixth link will pretty much double your damage.
For the fire trap I would suggest only linking it with cluster trap since traps and mines are rather costly in mana and we got some heavy mana reservations already. We don't need them for their damage anyway.
Speaking of mana reservations, we got 2 auras running. It is Anger and Wrath for additional flat ele damage. Take Wrath and one of the heralds in the early game and switch herald for Anger once you've gotten "Charisma" node on skill tree.
For the defenses with Cast When Damage Taken support, use CWDT + immortal call(with increased duration support linked if possible) at least. Later get another skill chain of: CWDT + vortex + Curse on hit + Temp chains for those pesky uberfast mobs with haste that can get to you and skin you alive in matter of seconds.
As for the rest, get vaal grace for boss fights and breaches and blink arrow + faster attack for movement.

Skill tree and ascendancy:

Tree for lvl 70

Final version


unique gear

All of those are really cheap and will easily last you for a while. Tinkerskin gives you a better chance to get a frenzy charge from detonating a trap and some other useful utility. You can totally replace it with belly of the beast or Kaom's heart if you don't feel like being a hipster like me. Chin sol with point blank gives ALOT of damage. Path of building says that it will be more then even the currently more expensive doomfletch prism. The only drawback is that we need to get into close range. Thunderfists are there for their sexy flat lightning damage. You can also use Wake of Destruction unique boots if you want to but those have only 15% movespeed and you need to worry about capping and, if possible, overcapping your resists and those have none. You will also need 2 Collateral damage jewels. One you can get for free in act 5, the other you can easily trade for cheap.

As for the rest of the gear, grab rares with the combo of flat elemental damage, Life, resists and additional elemental damage with attacks if it can roll one.

My rares

Haven't crafted anything on most of those yet. I will, once I level my masters. Those were more then enough for yellow maps though.



Writhing Jar is every duelist's favourite brew. It allows you to proc his 20% more damage from ascendancy when you find yourself fighting a single boss who doesn't spawn additional trash mobs and on top of its instant life/mana recovery you will also get your overkill leech. Atziri is rather standard. Don't think I need to explain this one. And another flask that you might want is wise oak. I'm just feeling too lazy to equalize all those resists. For the rest, You'd want 1 instant life flask and another utility flask(any really). One of those would need freeze immunity. We get bleeding immunity from ascendancy and other dots are usually not heavy enough and get countered by our "neverstopping leech" ascendancy. So I don't think there's any need to worry about those immunities.

Path of Building Code:

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