[3.0] "The Light Tower" : LL/CI SR Inquisitor

This is my first build guide in the forum so the Thread can look a bit poor of information and explanation but i will consider any suggestions.

High DPS
Higs Resists
CI Version almost immune to ele dmg

medium clear speed
Low Life version expensive

Kill All +2 points



Sanctify and Pious Path are the focus because this build has no counter to freeze so get the cruel lab as soon as possible to gain the effect of consecrated ground


Major God:
Soul of Solaris (recommended)
you can use whatever you like the most

Minor God:
Soul of Tukohama (recommended)
give you more tankyness :D

Links/Gem Setup

Body Armour: BBBBRG
Scorching Ray + Efficacy + Burning Damage + Elemental Focus
Controlled Destruction 5L
Swift Demise (rapid decay) 6L

Helmet: BBRG
Purity of Fire + Purity of Ice + Purity of Lightning
Enlighten for more mana you can also use a low level Clarity

Boots: RRG#
Shield Charge + Faster Attacks + Fortify
for the last link i use Rallying cry, you can also use Culling Strike for extra Speed

Gloves: BBBB
Orb Of Storms + Curse On Hit + Flammability + Vulnerability
you can also use Increased Critical Strikes if you dont have extra curse yet

Shield: BBB
Flame Dash + Arcane Surge + Faster Casting
keep the arcane surge at low level so you can get the buff from the gem more often

Wand/Scepter: B?R Low Life / RRR CI
Discipline + Blood Magic
for the last link you can chose between Arctic Armour or Clarity

Cast When Damage Taken + Immortal Call + Increased Duration


the other two flasks you can use whatever you want

Build CI

Skill Tree Lvl 90

Skill Tree Lvl 100

you can expect 800k unbuffed

Build Low Life

Skill Tree Lvl 90

Skill Tree Lvl 100

you can expect 900k unbuffed

Good Leveling Uniques

OBS: for MAX DMG BOOST you can add Righteous Fire in any free socket and use one anti burning flask to deactive the degen.
you can get up to 2,5 MILLION DPS.


Can i go Low Life with Solaris Lorica?
Solaris Lorica is a STR Base so red sockets are more commom, yes you can go solaris lorica but can be much expensive to get the right colors i will not recommend you doing that.

Do i need the amulet with +1 curse?
no, you dont need the +1 curse but if you can get it this can be a good upgrade for your dmg.
(around 200k)

Do i need the gloves with Elemental Weakness corruption?
no, you only look for this once you get the amulet with +1 curse.

Can i use another Body Armour instead Incandescent Heart for CI?
yes, you can use another but you will exchange ele dmg mitigation for energy shield.

Why i cant open your skilltree link?
this link is a pastebin that need to be used in the "Path Of Building" software.

Can i use this build as a League Starter?
Yes, the CI Version is fairly cheap and the build is not that hard to play.

This Build is Hardcore Viable?
Any build is hardcore viable as long as you are a good player, but yes have defense enough to be considered viable.

How much cost to make this build?
depends on league
CI Version: 20c to get going and around 2ex to maximize.
LL Version: 4ex~ to get going and around 10ex to maximize.
if you want to do a perfect max dps/es version of this build should cost around 200ex
(+1 curse, curse on gloves, +1 shavs, T1 rolls, every gem 21/20).
Last bumped on Oct 2, 2017, 9:36:35 AM
Looks like build need more es from tree, because even with very good gear it has 7.5k es on level 100.

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