[3.0] Reflect immune,Budget,End Game Viable, All map mods Elementalist/Raider Immolate TS

Hey Everyone, Just thought I would throw my 3.0 build idea on to the forums for some feedback/ a guide for anyone wanting to do something similar.

I wanted to make a build with the new scion and some of the spicy new gems so I figured I would go back to my basics and make a bow build. (Hell yeah) This build uses very fast movement speed with queen of the forest combined with evasion for some (questionable) defense as well as a pretty high life pool over 190% (over 5k-6k hp). All of this will combine with the new immolate gem and crit chance to supply ignites and high base fire dmg for tornado shot/barrage

The Tree

How this should all work
The new immolate gem supplies 268-403 flat fire dmg to skills if a target is ignited. Now luckily for us with a high crit chance and 50% of our phys dmg converted to fire with a signal fire quiver things become ignited real quick. We now focus on ele dmg pretty much entirely and boost front loaded dmg (instead of worrying about any dot because that shiz in 3.0 is wack in all the wrong ways.) Also because we get 10% reduced ele reflect from tree, 50% from being an elementalist and another 20% from the new pantheon system that makes us 80% reflect resistant. That combined with arrow dancing, high evasion and 40-50% attack and spell dodge (this comes from phase acro the new bandits, being part raider and atziris steps.) makes us able to run even reflect maps. (I hope). Now with that high evasion we also bust out a queen of the forest to move fast as hell.

Grab a Death's opus for the extra arrows and crit multi. The phys dmg roll on it shouldnt be too important as most of the base dmg comes from immolate. Grab atziris steps for boots. Queen of the forest for chest. Rat's Nest/ Devotos for helm.(try to get tornado shot secondary projs but w/e if you cant). Signal fire for quiver. Everything else is whatever you want. (Rares are fine for all of these pieces though literally no unique is mandatory)/spoiler]

Gems and Links
Tornado shot-GMP-Immolate-Fire Pen-Wep ele dmg-(slower proj or inc crit chance depending on what you like)
Cast on Dmg taken (low level)-Ice spear-power charge on crit-gmp-crit chance-flammability curse (very lazy and effective set up to get both power charges and cursing it's not worth it but im lazy as f)
Cast on dmg taken (High level)-(either light or ice golem)-minion life-minon res (once again im lazy but we get two of these cuz of elementalist!)
herald of ash-grace+blood rage-inc duration
Cast on dmg taken-immortal call-inc duration-blink arrow

Map mods
This thing should be able to run anything, and run it fast. (cept maybe no leech. Like you could do it but that crap sucks to run).

Get an atziris, a wise oak, a jade, and hp pots. Honestly anything and you will be gucci

Alternate version with doomfletch (probably better but it won't use immolate)
use a doomfletch's prism and 6 link tornado shot-chance to bleed-ele focus-gmp-ele wep dmg-phys proj attack dmg

Hope you like the build and let's get hype for 3.0!

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wep-Tornado shot-Gmp-Immolate-Fire pen-Wep ele dmg-(Inc Crit chance/ slower proj)
chest-CODT(Low level)-ice spear-power charge on crit-inc crit chance-gmp-flammability (This is a very good setup if you want free power charges and cursing and your lazy as f. Is it worth it? No)
Hat-grace-herald of ash + blood rage-inc duration
glove- CODT (High level) -(ice or lightning golem)-minion life-minion res (once again im lazy as f)
boots(codt-immortal call-inc duration-blink arrow

map mods:
it can run everything pretty much. (including reflect). on ignite immune maps swap immolate for elemental focus and fire pen for added fire dmg gem. No leech will also be annoying but doable.

Wise oak,atziris,jade,life flasks whatever you want tbh and you're gucci

happy 3.0 crafting!
hey it sounds pretty cool!
do you have a pob link, i would like to see the numbers
Hey I ran the build using some unoptimized gear in POB and the damage looks pretty nice.
Pastbin for POB

Seems to be around 90k dps per second per arrow of tornado shot without flasks up. So we can probably safely multiply that by 4-5 due to the initial pierce and some of the sub projectiles hitting (3-4).
After some more fiddling it seems we can get higher dps but less arrows through doomfletch's prism with gmp-tornado shot-slower proj-wep ele attack dmg-chance to bleed-elemental focus. This version also does not require them to be ignited. The rest of the build can stay the same!
Surely gonna check this out,seems pretty neat
PoE & Rocket League is Life. <3
i have a doomfletch prism and a 5l queen on beta
start a scion and hope to One item 6link before 3.0 life and i see whos better is :D

POB say total 187kDPS with Prism BOW ""TS-GMP-BLEED-ELE_FOCUS-ELE_ATTACK-SLOW_Projectiles""

Sounds pretty sick man the doomfletch's prism is definitely a great if not better option!
Hey, have you considered going lmp instead of gmp with death's opus? We get 4 additional projectiles and only 16% less dmg compared to gmp's 26% less.
LMP sounds pretty decent from a sheet dps standpoint but because each arrow in a tornado shot burst can shoot secondary projectiles which hit the same target I think with gmp we would get more single target and aoe! lmp= 16% less dmg with 5 arrows. GMP= 26%less dmg with 7 arrows. So assuming a realistic comparison lets say the initial pierce of tornado shot hits the target and for lmp 3 of the 5 arrows hit it again and for gmp 5 of the 7 arrows hit it again. Now lets assume you have 100 dmg with lmp so that would be 100x4 hits for lmp=400 dmg and 90 dmg with gmp so 90x6 hits for gmp=540 dmg. Hope some of that made sense!
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