[3.6] The Bringer of Leech (3/6/19 UPDATE) League Starter - Budget - New Player Friendly!

This is a truly budget build that will get you deep into maps on self found gear, which you will then be able to fill out your atlas. The build only really has 2 required uniques that are affordable off self found currency early in a league, and extremely cheap later in a league.

Come visit me if you have any questions or want to see this build in action!
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[Edited 3/6/2019] Changes for 3.6!


1. Leech Changes!

tldr: The bottom two lines are most importnat: In half a second we will be leeching 3,458 life per second at a life pool of almost 6,000 life. This will be instant because of Bloodseeker, but also since we use a rare claw that will leech regularly these effects will not end if we stop attacking.

The Longer version: I'm going to refer to this image since it's the best explanation I've found so far;

So, here's which parts of this build will improve.

#2 - makes us leech faster
100% from Brutal Fervor ascendancy
20% from Vitality Void
20% from Hematophagy
+140% faster than base leech

#3 - Allows more overall leech
15% from Vitality Void
15% from Hematophagy

#4 - EVERYTHING - faster leech, more leech, larger leech
50% from Soul of Arakaali Pantheon (with Bloodrage - Immortal Call combo)

2. Keep Bringer of Rain FOREVER!
Credit for this goes out to McPeenSauce who realized he did not feel as tanky after switching from Bringer of Rain to a 6L Belly of the Beast and rare helm. So BoR has been buffed for 3.5, so it looks like it's not even worth it to save up and buy a 6 linked Belly of the Beast. With a Belly, you gain 300-500 life, but you lose a ton of survivabilty that the blind, block and endurance charges BoR provides.

3.6 Prediction: BoR was MUCH cheaper at Betrayal league start, I've always seen it around 30-40c, but that league it was 5c day 1 and 1c by day 2.

Explanation of Build

3.6 Path of Building for budget version


1. 2 Required uniques: Bringer of Rain & Bloodseeker. Both Are Cheap!
2. On practically no investment you can complete Uber Lab and any tier map + most map mods.
3. Use your currency to fill out atlas and fund your next build or with 2-3 ex investment you can farm Guardians, Shaper and Elder.
4. Tanky! should only die to one-shots. 6 pieces of rare gear to stack health + over 200% increased life from tree!
5. TONS of potential to min/max if you wanna pump currency into it. Upgrades are relatively cheap, since we have so many pieces of rare gear we can shop for 2 mid-high rolled resists on each and focus more on high life and phys damage rolls. Gear really doesn't get stupid expensive until you need 3 res, life and phys dmg with all high rolls.

PoB for Shaper Viable version with about 850c invested:
•Bringer of Rain is still the recommended helm. Just pump all your currency into a high physical dps claw and gloves/rings/amulet with physical damage to attacks.


Playstyle is very straightforward

1. Drop totem near enemy.
2. Use Whirling Blades to dash into position (chug flasks as needed)
3. Try to get Blade Flurry up to 6 stacks, release for max damage.
4. Whirling Blades dodge stuff.
5. Repeat steps 1-4.
6. ????
7. Profit.

Against bosses or trash mobs that you can face-tank, You literally just stand there and hold Blade Flurry till 6 stacks, release, and repeat. Most mobs die before you even reach 6 stacks. No brain required!

As you can see here, simply get into melee range, hold BF until 6 stacks + release as many times as you can before the boss winds up for the slam, then whirling blades to dodge the 1 shot.


Videos with cheap gear + 350 phys DPs claw:



With Extremely Budget Gear!

Imported character into Path of Building - Here are the stats & overview

Tier 13 Sulphur Waste - Rare Corrupted - lvl 87 slightly better gear

1st Uber Lab run - level 84 with terrible gear


Final Gems Setup! Always follow this!

- In Bringer of Rain: Blade Flurry - Maim - Chance to Bleed - Increased AOE/Conc Effect
- In 3 link weapon: Herald Of Ash - Hatred - War Banner
- In 3 link weapon: Whirling Blades - Faster Attacks - Fortify
- in boots or gloves: Ancestral Protector - Lightning Golem - Cast When Damage Taken (lvl 13) - Punishment (lvl 16)
- In boots or gloves: Cast when Damage Taken (lvl 13) - Blood Rage (lvl 16) - Phase Run (lvl 15)-Immortal Call (lvl 15)

Another option you can go with if you want to spam Whirling Blades without having mana issues, you can drop the golem:

-In boots or gloves put: Whirling Blades - Faster Attacks - Fortify - Blood Magic
-In a 3 link put: Ancestral Protector - CWDT (lvl 13) - Punishment (lvl 16)

Gear and cost for 3.6 Synthesis League

Don't follow the gems in this gear! My current gem setup is slightly different than what I recommend, simply because of the socket colors that rolled with very few chromes. I just figured I'd save some chromes and go with it.

==>I didn't buy these myself but when I was buying items for my current character, I took a couple minutes to search for rares with similar stats and relied on Poe.ninja to track the prices of the unique items :)

Bringer of Rain day 1 cost: 1c
Belt of the Deceiver day 1 cost: 2c
Bloodseeker Day 1 cost: 7c
Rare Claw day 2 cost: 15c
Rare Amulet day 2 cost: 1c
Rare Boots day 3 cost: 5c
Rare Gloves day 3 cost: 9c

Remember, don't follow gems in the example gear. Use the list above!

Must have 1 Bloodseeker and 1 Rare Claw (Credit yigita and MorningRize2)

You will need to make sure when using Sunder to level or Bladeflurry that both weapon types are compatible with the skills.

Ie: Sunder requires an axe or mace since we dual wield, that means you have to can only use 1 axe and 1 mace, or 2 axes and 2 maces. Having a sword/dagger/claw in your off hand won't allow you to use Sunder at all.

Same goes with Bladeflurry. Only a combo of claws, swords and/or daggers will work.

Since Bloodseeker has intsa-leech, we would not gain the full benefits of skills that require us to be leeching if we wielded 2 Bloodseekers (Like, Immune to Stuns while Leeching). Since typical leech happens over a period of time, we have a rare claw in our off-hand, that claw will leech over time and allow us to over leech and gain the "while leeching" benefits.

Blade Flurry Gem Options - You can replace Maim with Damage on Full Life. This will result in more DPS except in instances where you are constantly taking damage. Even though you leech back to full almost instantly, there will be a few Blade Flurry strikes that won't get the DPS benefit and may end up as less DPS than if you had a consistent gem like Maim, especially if those strikes end up being on your release at 6 stacks.

Keep a 6 Socket chest piece on with all the gems you like to swap or want to level and sell. Unequip the Bringer of Rain and that'll allow you equip the chest, then re-equip the BoR.

*Gem Options for dealing with Reflect or Phys Reduction Maps*
If you really want to reduce the effects of these map mods, here are some things I like to do:

Physical Reflect or Physical Reduction Maps/ - Swap out Maim - Chance to Bleed for Added Fire and Elemental Damage with Attacks. For Phys Reflect Swap to Soul of Yugul Panteon.

Elemental Reflect - Swap out Hatred and Herald of Ash for Artic Armour and Vitality.

Budget Progress with about 60c invested

At level 88 highest map completed was Tier 14 (map was 18% phys reflect, Ele weakness, 60% less recov & monsters always poison on hit) Completed all 4 Lab Trials. Atlas is at 78/126. Now I'm shifting focus to buying red maps. Playtime is 2 days, 15 hours. Lot of afk time though spent helping people with this build, updating this build, doing dad stuff and me just being slow =D

Progress with about 250c invested in gear
Got to 91. pheonix and Hydra completed, most T14's and 15's completed.

Gear with about 250c invested:
I spent 200c on a 350 phys DPs claw, 25c on a Lion's Roar Flask, 15c on Vivid Bloom Jewel with 28% phys damage, 10% global damage and about 10c buying/crafting a belt, gloves and amulet. Demon Turn ring was a really nice drop!

Don't follow the gems in this gear! The gems in my gear may be different than what I recommend due to league changes, experimentation or other random reasons. Make sure to follow the "Final Gems Setup" section above.

Should you spend a ton of currency on a 6L chest, and use a rare helmet?


Before 3.5, a chest + helm with tons of life/armour/evasion was the best way to get tankier. But with the 3.5 buffs to BoR you are actually tankier and deal a bit more damage!

With BoR you get: more block chance, consistent blind, endurance charges, longer immortal call duration, physical damage added to attacks

With Belly and a rare with just life and resists you lose all of the above but you do get more life, easier resist to cap and 4 extra sockets to work with.

Here was my gear after the switch. My main priority was to get a full armor helm and boots, since armor is much better for us than evasion. Possibly thinking of using Kaom's Roots boots that would get us to about 7,000 life.

Remember, use Inc AOE/Conc Eff instead of Ruthless.


Taking this Build to the Next Level (Non-Budget)
We use Bringer of Rain because it's like having a cheap 7 link but we don't get the defensive benefits of body armour. I have yet to see any shaper/elder/unique armours that would benefit us more than what a BoR provides.

what to look for on gear
Rule #1 - Make sure in addition to the following, you have enough ele resist to have each capped at 75%. Being over capped at 105% is recommended to deal with Elemental weakness maps/curses.

-2 Steel Rings: Tier 1 implicit = Adds (3-4) to (10-14) Physical Damage to Attacks
Tier 1 phys damage =Adds (6-9) to (13-15) Physical Damage to Attacks
Tier 1 Life = +(70-79) to maximum Life
(5-7)% increased Attack Speed
Tier 1 Ele dmg = (37-42)% increased Elemental Damage with Attack Skills

-Amulet: Tier 1 phys damage = Adds (11-15) to (22-26) Physical Damage to Attacks.
Tier 1 Life = +(80-89) to maximum Life
Tier 1 Ele dmg = (37-42)% increased Elemental Damage with Attack Skills

-Spiked Gloves: Tier 1 life = +(80-89) to maximum Life
Tier 1 phys damage = Adds (4-6) to (9-10) Physical Damage to Attacks
Tier 1 attack speed = (14-16)% increased Attack Speed

-Boots: Tier 1 movement speed = 30%
Tier 1 life = +(80-89) to maximum Life

-Uber Lab Helmet Enchant: "40% increased Blade Flurry Damage" Uber Lab enchantment.

-Rare Claw: Gemini Claw recommended. You want 350-400 physical DPS, lots of attack speed.
Tier 1 increased phys dmg = (170-179)% increased Physical Damage
Tier 1 added phys dmg = Adds (20-27) to (41-49) Physical Damage
Tier 1 attack speed = (26-27)% increased Attack Speed

-Rustic Sash: 24% increased physical damage implicit
Tier 1 life = +(90-99) to maximum Life
-Leather Belt: +40 to maximum life implicit
Tier 1 life = +(90-99) to maximum Life
Additional Stats to look for: Strength = more phys dmg and life
Intelligence = required for claws, may allow us to respec out of +30 int nodes

Possible Uniques to use

gives a lot of dps, but doesn't provide as much life and res as a good rare belt.

Carnage Heart
Very good for leveling and provides nice dps, but again as well rolled rare with flat phys offers more.


Upgrading Gear Tips
When upgrading your rare gear, here are your Defensive affixes you should be looking for, in priority:

1. Life
2. Resistances
3. Armour/Evasion

Offensive affixes to look for, in priority:

1. Flat Added Physical Dmg
2. Attack Speed
3. Melee dmg/Phys dmg

Expensive Flask for decent upgrades
1. Atziri's Promise
2. Lion's Roar
3. Taste of Hate

Intelligence on Gear
1. If you can get a nice amount of Int on gear, you can save a couple points on your skill tree. Only worry about this if it is conveniently already there on gear with the Off/Def stats you REALLY need. Say you have a choice between an Amulet with 50 Int and no life, or one with 20 int and 60 life. Yes, the 50 Int Amulet would allow you un-spec the +30 node on your tree, but what will you use that point on? 60 life on an item will equal to over 200 flat life to your character after all the % increases from your tree are added. So you have to ask yourself; will the stats from that 1 point benefit me more than the stats I'm sacrificing on this item?

Strengths and Weaknesses
- Insta-Leech + Leech over time = more than life your life pool leeched per second.
- Immune to Bleed while leeching
- Only 2 required unique items
- Cheap! You really don't have to grind-farm to gear up. the currency you collect and gear you sell while you level and begin to fill out your atlas will pay for required uniques!
-20% culling strike with tons of DPS for easy boss killing
-Very few map mods you cannot do

- You have to be right up on dangerous bosses, it's a melee build after all.
- Don't dodge 1 shots = you die.
- Can't do Phys reflect before taking Headsman Ascendancy.
- Can't do No leech maps
- No regen/slower regen maps are slow because you can't spam Whirling Blades.
- Int requirements will either cost you a passive point or two, unless you can get it on gear.


Major God:You need to choose here if you want more & faster leech or protection against stuns.

Brine King - Not being able to be stun locked is great. Since we begin leeching so quickly, even if we are stunned we will have enough leech/regen to sustain through it. Once it goes away, we are again free to dps and leech without worrying about being stunned!


Soul of Arakaali - This will give us a 50% buff to all leech rates. According to my math, in .25 seconds we'd be leeching about 5,000 life per second. the only thing is this will only kick in once we've taken a hit of 1,800 damage.

Minor God: Soul of Tukohama - We stand still to DPS, so this one should be on most of the time.

or: Soul of Yugul - Only for Ele/Phys reflect maps.


Get a Magic Sulphur Flask and roll Freeze/Chill immunity on it. Freeze is one of the scariest things for this build since we are usually Bleed Immune while leeching. If you put Freeze Immune on a life flask, you lose the immunity once you are full life since the flasks' effects end. But if you roll it on a Sulphur, you get a full 4+ seconds of immunity.

options for more damage
- 1 Sulphur Flask for the 40% dmg
- Atziri's Promise Flask for some extra Chaos damage and MOAR LEECH
- 1 Lion's Roar Granite Flask for a huge DPS boost as well as some defenses, but a bit costly.

Options for more defense
- 1 Basalt Flask for 15% phys dmg reduction
- 1 Granite Flask for 3000 armour (Lion's Roar if you can afford!)

Mandatory Life Flask
- 1 or 2 Life Flask with Curse, Freeze, or Bleed removal. (Don't need Bleed removal after Endless Hunger )

Quicksilver for super Sanic speeds!
- 1 or 2 Quicksilver Flask with Bleed, Curse or Freeze removal.

My favorite starting setup is 2 life flask with Poison and bleed immune, 1 quicksilver with more mv speed, Sulphur with Freeze Immune and a Basalt Flask with curse or freeze Immune.

When you can afford, buy an Atziri's Promise and Lion's Roar to replace the life flask with bleed immune and the Basalt.

What about Defenses?
- Blind from BoR is decent with so many attacks per second
- Insta-Leech around 1,700 life per second by level 80.
- Dodge 1-shots and you should never die!
- Immune to bleeding while leeching
- Totem to attract attention, apply Maim to enemies.
- 150% life from tree by level 70. 201% life from tre by level 89, not counting Jewels. With 4 jewels with life you're looking at 221%-229% life from tree.

Skill-trees & Ascendancy classes:
Ascendancy Class: The Slayer

Ascendancy Points: Headsman - Bane of Legends - Endless Hunger - Brutal Fervor


Kill all. 2 points are just too good.

Passive Tree at 41 points: Run straight to Resolute Technique for the huge increase in DPS

Passive Tree 63 & 2 Ascendancy points: Lets get tanky! Warrior's Blood & Vitality Void will get you tons of life, damage and some sweet leech. Don't overlook that small mana leech node, it helps a lot! Get normal lab and take Headsman for nice DPS boost and AoE for your Sunder, a huge quality of life buff while leveling.

Passive Tree 85 & 4 Ascendancy points: Grab Hematophagy and Vaal Pact for more leech then we go towards the right side for Herbalism, Weapon Artistry and Aspect of Panther for nice health and dps boost then head towards that juicy Sion life wheel. If you have a good jewel grab the easy jewel node at your discretion. You will probably want to grab the two +30 INT nodes because of Claw requirements, you should be very close to switching to Bladeflurry. In Cruel Lab get Bane of Legends for easy boss killing.

Mostly Finished Tree 107 & 8 Ascendancy points: Berserking and Duality's dps boost are too good to pass up. We fill up the Scion life because it's super effecient and grab a jewel node. Last Ascendencies will be Endless Hunger and Brutal Fervor, for a ton of leech, stun and bleed immunity. By now you should be able to unspec that goofy mana node if you have some mana leech on gear, a jewel or my personal preference is to get a my 350+ phys DPS claw on a Gemini Claw base for mana on hit.

I'll post in the "Upgrading Gear" section below on what to look for in Jewels.

Pushing into the 90's - 123 points: If you take this build into the 90's you must have decided to invest heavily in gear and jewels and probably take this build to Guardians/Shaper/Uber Elder. The attribute nodes towards Discipline and Training will feel insulting after grinding out those late 90s levels, but it will be worth it! You should at least have 1 piece of gear with Int to unspec out of one of those nodes, but both would be optimal and you can use those to fill out life node wheels.

You can also go up from right above Resolute Tech and grab Devotion instead of the Marauder start, you get a slightly more life (3%), but you lose 46% increased armour. I prefer the armour.

If you have some really nice jewels, you can grab 1 more node by RT and unspec some of the Muarader start.


Leveling Tips!
A huge plus to this build is that you get to level with the super OP Sunder! Here's which gems you should be getting, when you should get them and some great leveling uniques I like to use to make leveling a breeze.
1. lvl 1 grab Cleave or Molten Strike. Do Bestel's quest and get a Quicksilver Flask.

Always be on the lookout for the following in order of importance:
1st. 1h weapons with flat phys and/or % phys increased. (Attack speed is nice too)
2nd. Boots with movement speed
3rd. Shield with life and resistances (if using Shield Charge as your movement skill)
4th. Any gear with resistances and life
5th. Rings, Amulets & Gloves with Added Physical Damage to Attacks.

2. Always be on the lookout for 3 and 4 link drops while leveling! If you pick up a 4 link white gloves, boots, helm or armour with RRRG colored sockets (For Sunder) Use an Essence on it! (Greed, Anger, Hatrd, Wrath are the best)

3. Always pick up rare and magic axes or maces with bases closest to your level and ID them. Always try to have the highest DPS axe possible. Look for a weapon that has as much physical DPS as possible.

4. Get Ancestral Protector after entering the Submerged Passage.

5. Get Added Fire Support and Shield Charge/Leap Slam after killing Brutus. Leap Slam if you're dual wielding, Shield Charge if you're 1 handed and a shield.

6. Get Sunder as your attack skill after Killing Merveil. You will use this for a looong time!

7. Act 2: When you get to the bandits quest, see the part of the guide directly above this. Kill the Weaver then go to Yeena, get Faster Attacks and Elemental Damage with Attacks from Yeena.

Setup a 4 link with Sunder - Faster Attacks - Added Fire - Elemental Damage With Attacks.

Link Shield Charge or Leap Slam with Faster Attacks.

Get Herald of Ash and Blood Rage. Level up Herald, but don't level Blood Rage past lvl 10.

8. Act 4: Get Immortal Call, Phase Run, Cast When Damage Taken and a Lightning Golem.

Cast When Damage Taken Setup - Very important to only level these gems up as stated!
Get a 4 link for: Cast When Damage Taken (lvl 6) - Blood Rage (lvl 10) - Phase Run (lvl 8) - Immortal Call (lvl 8)

9. Act 6: Grab Fortify, setup a 3 link with Shield Charge or Leap Slam - Faster Attacks - Fortify. Now, all you really have to worry about is 2 skills. Charge/Leap into a pack to gain fortify and Sunder them to death (usually only takes a hit or two)

In a 2 link put Cast when Damage Taken (lvl 6) - Punishment (lvl 9)

You should have around 2,500-3,000 health at this point. As you gain health, you can level up your CWDT and the other gems. I recommend to keep the CWDT proc at about 1/3rd of your health. Just make sure not to level the other gems out of CWDT's range, best thing is to never lvl any gems connected to your CWDT taken on the fly, wait until you are in your hideout with time to check gem lvl requirements to make sure they will always cast.

Leveling Uniques I love to Use:
If you get lucky and find some currency, I highly suggest picking up one of these items that are as close to your level as possible.
1. lvl 1 - Goldrim can def last you until mapping. Wanderlust will be good until you find any rare boots with 20+ movespeed.

2. lvl 16 - I'll always grab one of these weapons if I can afford it. The weapons and belts can last you a long time.

3. lvl 17 - no more mana worries! Although, you won't want to use any mana reserving skills with it, I feel like it's worth losing the extra damage to just be able to spam movement skills and Sunder without worrying about mana flask.

4. lvl 20/25 - If you can afford a Belt of the Deceiver without preventing yourself from getting a Bringer and Bloodseeker by the time you're lvl 68, the get this belt! It is our endgame belt.

Otherwise, Prismweave scales our ele damage really well.

5. lvl 32/39 - I always try to grab a Moonbender 39. Having Hrimsorrow + Malachai's + Moonbender adds a lot of elemental dmg to your Sunder that scales really well with Elemental Damage to Attacks Support. This should last you until maps. Flesh-Eater is a good alternative at lvl 32.

6. By the time you get to maps, I would be looking to have at least 1 Bloodseeker Claw and a good Rare Claw with as much phys damage as possible. When you hit lvl 70 get your Bringer of Rain!

Stats to look for on Jewels

*For Abyss Jewels, flat phys damage, flat health and attack speed will benefit us the most.

*For regular jewels, look for these mods:
1. 5% or 6% life, 7% life if you can afford.
2. Damage
3. Attack speed
4. Area Damage
5. Physical - Phys with claws - Phys with one handed - Phys while dual (all do the same for you)

Examples of budget regular Jewels to use (Credit to Dave for teaching me how great these are!)
Here are some jewels I used during testing. Rapture Ornament is pretty nice, the rest are average. Just imagine how many stats you could get with a decent amount of investment.

Credits and Thanks!

1. Douchebag_Dave for teaching how leech actually works, benefits of jewels over inefficient nodes on the tree and showing me that dmg auras are much better than Brutality.
2. lilinss Caught a big time mistake on my skill tree.
3. KirowGod1337 is the reason we have Dual Wield & 2 hand Sunder, and the Dual Wield Reave theory-craft up there.
4. mozom pointed out that Phase run and Punishment may not have 100% uptime, so I included a section on DPS with conditional factors.
5. Garfunkel suggested the option of going +2 bandit points instead of Oak, so I added in explanation of options! Also, found a way to save 3 skill points and more efficiency with the last few points.
6. yigita and MorningRize2 pointed out the flaws of Insta-Leech negating the full benefits of half of my ascendancies. Gear updates thanks to them!
7. jachuu138 reminded me to put gem lvls on CWDT, imm call and phase run.
8. In 3.5 McPeenSauce noticed that the newly buffed Bringer of Rain is so good, it wasn't worth dropping it for a rare helm and using a 6 Link Belly of the Beast.
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Sorry but i'm new into this game but there is some confusion in your passive tree. Why do you take the shield perks? If i'm not mistaken this is a dual wield build right?
A few things to consider just by glancing over your build:
1. Only maximum leech rate is important, increased leech per second is useless because with some damage you'll hit the maximum leech rate anyways. Which means you should pick up the maximum leech rate node over at Hermatophagy and not the other two nodes.
2. Use a statstick (mace or axe) in your offhand. That way you get the stats of the stat stick (for example the AoE Mace or Death's Dance) and still benefit from dual whielding.
3. You should take the jewel sockets, especially the 1 point socket, definitely before hitting 96 points, they are too efficient. Even mediocre 3 stat jewels outperform simple life nodes (1 stat node included for pathing).
4. Don't start with Endless Hunger, it's nice to have, but for leveling bane of legends and headsman are definitely better.
5. Go Crit! Gives you the option to use Acuities later on and you don't have to path over half the skill tree just for RT. Not to mention it scales better. The Shadow nodes are all really efficient, and you get more leech with the crit claw nodes. Additionally you should end up with a hefty amount of accuracy anways since you path over to the claw nodes and get a good amount of dexterity.
6. Don't take deadly dilletante, it's not efficient.
7. If you go crit, you can take the two 40% cc nodes to Fencing (as of now it's not very efficient either).
8. I would take out Grace and the curse (put that one on self cast for harder bosses or on cast when damage taken) and use Hatred and HoA or something, not use brutality but instead crit chance gem or inc AoE or wed.
9. The Range nodes might be something to look at.
A few things to consider just by glancing over your build:

Thanks for the comments Dave, I will def incorporate some of these (with credit given of course). #1, 3, 4, 6 for sure.

1. I definitely mis-understood how leech works, I just did a little more research and you're absolutely right. Seems like the most leech I can get is about 1,700 life per second so I'll be sure to update that as not to mis-lead people.

2. I entered a few different maces, axes and sceptres as a stat stick to see, and the numbers didn't change too much. I'll mess with it some more later but as of now doesn't seem to make enough difference.

3. I'm going to grab a jewel socket or two ASAP! I totally tunnel visioned on tree nodes. I tend to forgot about obvious stuff like that.

4. Makes a ton of sense, I will def update the ascendancy paths.

5. I changed things to go from non-crit to crit, but PoB showed my DPS dropped a decent amount and the 6 travel nodes saved from RT were needed to put into crit nodes anyways. Plus I think the life nodes on the way to RT are worth it. Also my hit chance was barely over 80%. Now, I did not adjust items to add crit or accuracy on rings, gloves and amulet but I want this build to be as cheap as possible. Requiring more things to have to look for on gear is taking the build too far from what I want. I like the DPS I can get from this build only having to worry about finding life and res on gear as you level.

6. Done! I totally see how these points could be used for jewels. For the cost of 5 points DD gives me 36% phys and 8% attack speed. I have a jewel sitting in my stash with 15 phys, 16 phys with claws.. so bam, 31% phys damage for 1 point.

8. I went Brutality because I wanted on phys damage because of the way I thought leech worked, but now I know it's capped by Leech Rate, there is def no reason for me to go Brutality. I switched to Hated and Herald of Ash and the DPS jumped to 265k. Huge thanks for this! although, since I don't want crit I replaced with Melee Dmg on Full Life... So it may not be super consistent, but I feel like I should be up enough as to not be deceptive.
lilinss wrote:
Sorry but i'm new into this game but there is some confusion in your passive tree. Why do you take the shield perks? If i'm not mistaken this is a dual wield build right?

Oh damn, good catch! Those are actually supposed to be one wheel over, I only take the nodes leading to Ambidexterity.

This is my first build, so I hope I didn't make too many other mistakes like this..
Looking forward to 3.0 to try this out:)Will ask more if i need to when the new league starts :)
wtf bro , u have 2 claws but u use slayer ascendancy class ( his passive only for twohanded weapons. means heavy swords , axeses)
KirowGod1337 wrote:
wtf bro , u have 2 claws but u use slayer ascendancy class ( his passive only for twohanded weapons. means heavy swords , axeses)

Good point, but this really isn't a big deal. When you complete a Lab, you get 2 Ascendancy points, you typically take a small one and a large one. It's only the small nodes leading to the big ones that I won't gain any benefit from, unlike some builds that have Ascendencies that synergize far less than this one. Look at Zerker Warchief builds that can't take advantage of the "on kill" and amazing leech that ascendancy offers. Or Elementalist Golemancers that get hardly any benefit at all from going Merc and Uber Lab.

If it were that significant there wouldn't be any 1 handed + shield or dual wield Slayers. And there are tons of them that are extremely strong. Especially this one!
KirowGod1337 wrote:
wtf bro , u have 2 claws but u use slayer ascendancy class ( his passive only for twohanded weapons. means heavy swords , axeses)

Good point, but this really isn't a big deal. When you complete a Lab, you get 2 Ascendancy points, you typically take a small one and a large one. It's only the small nodes leading to the big ones that I won't gain any benefit from, unlike some builds that have Ascendencies that synergize far less than this one. Look at Zerker Warchief builds that can't take advantage of the "on kill" and amazing leech that ascendancy offers. Or Elementalist Golemancers that get hardly any benefit at all from going Merc and Uber Lab.

If it were that significant there wouldn't be any 1 handed + shield or dual wield Slayers. And there are tons of them that are extremely strong. Especially this one!

ok thx! but i have anoter one question , in this build can I change the blade flurry on sunder-reave? It will be works ? ( i like sunder and reave skills :D ) or fall damage and lifelech?
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ok thx! but i have anoter one question , in this build can I change the blade flurry on sunder-reave? It will be works ? ( i like sunder and reave skills :D ) or fall damage and lifelech?

You definite could, but Sunder doesn't work with claws, so you'd want to find the highest physical DPS mace, axe or staff as you could find. You'd lose the insta-leech without the Bloodseekers but the build would still work mostly the same.

I'm actually about to update the tree, I've been experimenting with some alternates and I figured out a way to get more life with the same damage. And, it uses "one hand" and "dual wield" damage nodes instead of the claw nodes so it would probably work perfect if you wanted to do the build with a different 1 hand weapon and melee skill. I'll be updating it later today!
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