[3.0] SSF Pure Physical Shockwave Totem Series

I'm about to start my first SSF Character and I've decided on Shockwave Totem now that the Brutality Support has released. It adds a tonn of extra damage to this old rust bucket of a skill gem and hopefully this means it can come out of retirement. I did think about bleed but I'm sceptical how good it will be without tree investment.

Tree idea at around 90 ish

Revamped 90 ish tree

Main Gem Setup
1) Shockwave Totem
2) Faster Casting
3) Brutality
4) Increased Area of Effect (Replaced with a Concentrated Effect for Bossing)
5) Increased Critical Strike
6) Increased Critical Multiplier

Support Gen Setup 1
Cast When Damage Taken
Immortal Call
Molten Shell
Increased Duration

Support Gen Setup 2
Cast When Damage Taken
Arctic Breath
Greater Multiple Projectiles
Temporal Chains

Support Gen Setup 3
Fire Golem
Animate Guardian
Minion Health

As you can see, nothing on here is anything too remarkable. It's all easily achievable. I'll also be making a video series of my progress, I'll talk about my levelling technique and about the difficulties I've had with this relatively new mode. If anyone has suggestions before I begin I would really appreciate it. I'll be starting this about 8 hours from the creation on this first post (need to sleep :D but on the bright side, I got 9 days holiday so.. It allows me to do crazy Sh*t like this :D).

So if all goes well (or even badly) you'll start to see a load of videos being posted up here. It will also almost certainly be a 8 part series since I'll edit them to an act each (full playthrough, side quests and all) roughly 30 minutes each (I hope) and a nice 1440p with max settings (should you care about such things). This is a pretty big undertaking so if you are interested in any way at all I would really appreciate some words of encouragement so it doesn't seem it is all for nothing. Many a trial such as this fulls straight on it's ass because there's nothing to make them commit, you know?

Have a good day!
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Reason behind Hierophant?

You sure you wont be missing some dmg later on?
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i see it as an overall buff, you lose 32% on each totem but your gaining double the amount of totems. That is more damage but also the mobs are getting knocked about even more and then you have the ability to instead just use 3 and then maybe a support totem and your still only down 10% but then you have whatever the support gives you. i think it's underrated. provided we can caste them quickly and have anough mana, 4 totems is overall a buff from what i see.
still waiting for a video tutorial!!
tks bro
Hi all,
I have played Templar Hierophant for a LONG time and 4 Totems is a BIG buff. You will need a LOT more mana and mana regen than your tree provides. I think this is a better tree for crit and it gives more life and mana than your tree but has no provision for jewels and power charges and its a level 80 tree.


1) Shockwave Totem
2) Faster Casting
3) Brutality
4) Increased Area of Effect (Replaced with a Concentrated Effect for Bossing)
5) Increased Critical Strike
6) Increased Critical Multiplier <- im not a fan of this gem , try Controlled Destruction.

Use (if needed) Clarity, and Blasphemy with Vulnerability.
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Thanks for all the replies so far guys. Series is still incoming, screwed up on the recording the first time round and I have to install a new 1TB HDD to hold it on (I have it just need to put it into machine) . My 480gb SSD just isn't cutting it. Act 1 alone was about 60gb in raw form.. Also I hate to classify it as a guide. It really isn't. Its a newb in training video really. Chances are it will screw up... you just get to see that in action so we all know what not to do in future. @OldSkoolLubber Thanks for the tree help, I think i'll be making some sort of hybrid between ours. definitely think i do need more crit so i'll probably take out the totem nods in the bottom left so i can travel across to shadow.

If anyone is interested i will be streaming the ballsed up character on youtube tonight under the account Insanity so we can have a chat or something while I race to act 6 for the brutality gem for when i remake it later on, on sunday.

Have a good one guys.
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Looking to start stream at 10pm lodnon time
Ok just an update. I was able to get to act 6 and get the brutality gem. from this point on, i have access to pretty much all of them when i need. Later on Sunday i will start a new character and start streaming. I'll also record it so that when its over I can go ahead and do the highlight reel. thanks to anyone who tuned in. It was 4 hours long and had about 30 people popped by. I think i got to about 4k damage in total per second so that's not bad but i did have 1 consistent issue and that was that i struggled to pay for the totems due to mind over matter. i think i'll skip it until i get to mapping and i have a lot bigger mana pool and regen. i'll post again when im about an hour or so from starting.

Also i bought a supporter pack so i have a key to just hand out.
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Ok i'm about to start stream, I'll post a link to it when its finished. Hopefully this will be smooth sailing :D
Act 1 done. Very boring. but whatever. Actual playtime is about 1 hour.


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