Skill Reveal: Storm Burst

"imagine if you would, if blade flurry, stormcall, and frostbolt had a strange ambiguous 3-way love child. we present to you, said 3-way love child!"

"you are now permitted to collect your jaws from the floor."
-GGG 2017

seriously though i really hope they get the numbers on this skill right first try cause this looks like a skill i could play for a whole 3 months if its actually good (>w<)
Looks cool!
when/where do you obtain it?
IGN: DabrixRN
After some significant break I'm checking out some older announcements. Wow this skill looks right up my alley. Storm Call is still my favorite spell in the game, so I'm pretty hyped. I just hope it it isn't OP that is makes Storm Call and Ball lightning obsolete.
A new skill that I want to try with Iron Will, I think I know what I will try first.

How will the AOE damage scale? eg aoe, proj, lightning, spell?

Kind Regards
Filipy wrote:

How will the AOE damage scale? eg aoe, proj, lightning, spell?

Kind Regards

it scale Projectile, AoE, Spell, Lightning, Channelling according dataminer on PoEDB

i've tested stuff on PoB around storm burst lately and it seems quite good so far.

this skill looks like a barrage for casters so i think it will be a great boss killer. i plan on adding as mutch projectiles as possible (dying sun + GMP, maybe LMP too) combined with a good cast speed and some invests into AoE.

on the video demo it looks like we will be able to hit one traget with at least 4-5 projectiles explosions, so with proper focus on multi projectiles/cast speed/AOE and slower projectiles we could go mutch higher.

i've made some simulations on PoB (i'm not 100% sure of the calculation method and how mutch PoB calculations are accurate knowing that info are not all revealed), it seems that PoB calculate DPS for 1 single projectile hit and explosion (increasing projectiles number does not increase DPS in calculation so i assume it's "per projectile" damage).

with a strong defensive set up and not damage oriented gear, i end up with 240 000 explosion DPS and 50 000 hit DPS with slower projectiles.

i wouldn't be surprise if we are able to hit a target with a little more than 10 projectiles so very high single target damage should be achievable.

i also expect a +1 or +2 projectile and a 12% increased AoE for helmet enchant.

clear speed, while being probably a lot better than barrage because you can turn around, should still be the weak spot of storm burst even if i think it will be decent with faster projectiles. but since it scale a lot like spark, spark/vaal spark could be used for clearing faster.

there is a lot or assomptions on my post so i could have made some mistakes.

if you have more info on the skill before release, please share it with us ;)
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