2.6.0k Patch Notes

2.6.0k Patch Notes
  • Fixed a bug introduced in 2.6.0h where the Map and Zana mods for Beyond also included the benefit of a Beyond Leaguestone, even if there wasn't one active.
  • Fixed a bug where the Chimera map boss fight could become impossible to complete.

This has been deployed without a restart.

Last bumped on May 10, 2017, 2:19:08 AM
but it was fun
Life will be technically better Soon TM
Completed 6 Challengeswaskely wrote:
but it was fun

It is still fun, but for maximum fun you'll have to use the Leaguestone as well.

OMAR snitching.
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damnit omar, why
So if this patch was deployed restartless, why was the forum down for maintenance a few minutes ago?
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Thanks a lot omar
ItsOmaar confirmed snitch, put him in a ditch.

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