Do you anticipate the passive tree changing very much any time soon?
Hello all!

The guide is now updated
All the passive trees are up to date with 3.0 trees and bandits are also updated. If any new gem combos come along while play that you feel is stronger then current please feel free to post here. I will look into them to see if this is true. Have fun all and thank you so much for the support!

Also making a trickster version of this build (could potently be stronger) so please keep a eye out!
Thanks for the guide! I can't get the skill tree links to work. Are they correct? I keep getting "bad gateway" when I open them. Thanks!

EDIT: I think POEPlanner is just down. Nevermind!
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Damn, I want to try this build out but links are dead for tree...
can you fix the links
IGN: @Steppy
can you fix the links
IGN: @Steppy
Hey all, we had a long 12 hour stream today. Yes i know all the tree links are broken due to PoE Planner being broken. If you go to Twitch.tv/Sidefxmayinclde where i have my stream replaying atm. You can type !frostblades and !caustic for all the fix trees. Thank you! see you all tomorrow.
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IGN: @Steppy
Can you please fix the links? The webserver is borken :(
Hi! All links are in working order, also im going to be going live in a couple min so please come on over to Twitch.tv/Sidefxmayinclde make your self at home and we can discuss w.e questions you have on the builds. See you there!

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