carto seal bug?

So I was using some Master Cartographer's Seal to uncomplete some of the maps I wanted gone but on some of them it just unticked the completion box and never greyed them out so they are still able to drop in the other maps. Not sure if its a bug or if its intended to be like that or what is causing it.

Here is an example of how the bottom side of the atlas is right now with excavation uncompleted and same with necropolis but it didnt grey it out for some reason

Last bumped on Mar 21, 2017 11:42:39 AM
the bug report number
edit: i tried using another Master Cartographer's Seal on a map that i had already used one on, and that made it turn grey, but the first one only made the bonus box untick but map still showed as unlocked, so i had to use 2x Master Cartographer's Seal in order to remove the map from my atlas completely and make the map node grey out.
would appreciate some clarification about how it's supposed to work
last league, unless they changed it, when i was redoing my atlas, when i used the item to undo the map it removed it all (grayed out as you're saying). So sounds like a bug if this is happening.
when i've had maps that had the box completion ticked i've been having to use 2 seals to get them removed, 1 to get the box unticked and another one after that to get it greyed out

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