How to run a Pack Check

PackCheck is a program that will verify that all the files in your Content.ggpk file have the correct hashes.

From time to time we might ask you to run PackCheck and give us the output.

PackCheck is found in your Path of Exile install directory (by default "C:\Program Files\Grinding Gear Games\Path of Exile").

To use PackCheck:

1) Navigate to your Path of Exile install directory.

2) Right click PackCheck.exe and select Run as Administrator

3) Wait for the tool to complete. It can take a long time, and will print "Done." when finished.

4) If the tool reports any errors then please copy and paste the output into your bug report.

5) Run Path of Exile again. Any files that were corrupted should now repatch.

Edit for Steam Users:
Pack Check will not help. If you play the client through Steam you will need to right-click Path of Exile in your Steam Library and select Properties > Local Files > Verify Game Cache

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For Windows XP the process is now the same as described above.
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Windows 8 should also work as above, but if you have problems please try following this guide, courtesy of RageXCa

Click for larger image

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