[2.6] LL Classic Summoner - Shaper/Guardian Farmer - Have T16 Spectres WHENEVER you want

Hi, I´m xxWolf and i have been playing A LOT of Summoner builds in the past, this league i am playing a low life classic summoner that focuses on farming guardians and shaper using cannibal fire-eaters as spectres. Since this build can farm shaper deathless and fast (no deaths in the last 10+ runs) i am considering this build a success. i am sure i am not the first classic summoner who farms shaper, but because of the lack of summoner build guides that say about themselves they can reliably farm guardians and shaper I decided to write one. This is the first guide i write, i´m happy about any tips/criticism! Also feel free to ask questions if something is not clear. :)

This build uses 4 spectres as dps source and 1 Golem + 10 Zombies as meatshield. It also reserves most of it´s life and mana to use one Midnight Bargain, Arctic Armour and 6 Auras. Ball Lightning is used to apply Elemental Equilibrium and 2 Curses.

If you like sending an army of minions into the fight while you yourself lean back and watch hoards of monsters running against your zombie-wall and dying in the bullet hell your spectres create (in other words: the playstyle of classic summoners), while also being able to switch to single target mode to easily take down guardians and even shaper, this is your build!

- Can do any map mod exept elemental reflect.
Technically you can even do that, but you would have to switch spectres to physical ones (Undying Evangelists for example), which is not worth the time if you ask me. however if you found your first T15 and the vaal orb gave it ele reflect, u CAN still do it.

- Very good clearspeed even in high red maps (not vaal spark level tho).

- INSANE single target damage when using Cannibal Fire-Eaters, which you do when farming Guardians/Shaper. I´ll explain below how to get them easily on T16 Level.

- Very tanky thanks to purity auras, stun immunity, decent ES pool and a giant meatshield.

- Can do Shaper on a 5L.

- You have the choice between different spectres. If you can not see flame sentinels any more, there are other, potentionally even better options.

- You can do the job of an aura bot in partys, you grant great dps and survivability to your minio.. I mean Party Members! However, some people might complain that the "aurabot" does more damage than they do.


- Unfortunately you need to resummon your spectres whenever you start playing. However this should not take more than 2 minutes and hopefully GGG will fix this in the future.

- Since this is a low life build you need a Shavronne´s Wrappings, which is not cheap, especially at the start of a league, which makes this not a good league starter.

- Playing an energy shield based character can be difficult to get used to, because you can not rely on life flasks. But don´t worry, Vaal Discpline serves as the ultimate "I CAN NOT DIE IN THE NEXT 5 SECONDS"-Flask.
EDIT: Vaal Discipline was nerfed in 2.6, from my testing it is still worth it. Popping it plus the defensive flasks results in you being almost unkillable.

- You need a lot of Strength (111) and dexterity (155), so you need to get a lot of attributes on your gear/jewels.

Required Uniques (ignore socketed gems):


While it is very cheap to get, that wand grants you and additional zombie and an additional spectre, which greatly increases your dps. it also has some nice minion damage and minion speed, which doesn´t hurt.

An other zombie and an other spectre! Try to get some with 15% Movement speed. Don´t worry about the low Movement Speed, your your haste aura grants you about 15% movement speed (thanks to increased aura effectiveness), what means you are about as fast as if you were using 30% MS boots. Well, until you use flesh offering, which grants you an other 30% Movement Speed. And again, very cheap, even with good movement speed roll.

Unfortunately - not so cheap. You can farm the "The Offering"-Divination Card if you want. It can drop from Shavronne in Merciless (VERY low drop rate, i do not recommend farming her) and from the Boss in the T13 Scriptorium Map. What i like to do at the start of a league is buying a Scriptorium Map and leaving it as the only unlocked T13 in my atlas. So if a T13 drops, it is a Scriptorium. That way i can farm a lot of Scriptoriums, in my experience every 5th to 6th run a "The Offering" drops. You need 8 of the cards, this league i farmed 6 and bought the remaining 2, beacause i didn´t want to wait any longer. It should be mentioned, that the Scriptorium Boss also often drops the "The Aesthete"-Card, which has a chance to give you a Shavronne´s Wrappings. Also keep in mind, that you only need a 5l for Boss-Farming. The 6l is only nice for clearspeed, because it lets you add the Faster Projectiles Support Gem.

That Shield enables you to run the 6 Auras + Arctic Armour while wielding a Midnight Bargain. What i also found extremely useful about this shield are the resistances on it. With them + the resistances from your purities it is extremely easy to cap your elemental resists, which gave me the opportunity to look for some chaos resistance on my other gear pieces. Try to get high Dexterity roll on it, it makes it easier to hit your attribute requirements.

Needed for Stun Immunity. I would not call it cheap, but it is affordable. Not much else to say here.

Other Gear:
Look for a helmet with the +2 to Level of socketed Minion Gems affix with as much Energy Shield as u can (or want to) get. If you can get a "The Vertex Vaal Mask", that one works too.

Get some dex and resists here, again with some energy shield if you can afford it.

Energy Shield + some attributes or resists (if you need more) are the go-to here.

Look for Unset rings with a lot of attributes and optimally some ES, one like this is perfect:

You need to fit in one Conquerer´s Efficiency Jewel, you get that one as a quest reward for doing the golden hand quest in the crypt level 2 in merciless.

Also place one "Energy from within" Jewel next to the Hybrid Wheel.

Get increased minion damage and some dexterity + strength on the other jewels.

I got asked about the threshhold jewels, in my opinion they are not worth it in this build.
The "Unending Hunger" jewel, that grants your spectres soul eater is kinda mediocre for ranged spectres, since they often are not in range to consume a soul. And IF they are in range they prevent you from getting the soul for your vaal discipline, since each soul can only be consumed once.

The "Violent Dead" jewel boosts your zombie dps, but they only serve as meatshield anyway. Since we do not scale their damage with support gems, the damage increase is very small. if i could get it for free, sure, doesn´t hurt, but considering i could get attributes/energy shield/chaos resistance and so on on a jewel i do not think it is worth using on this build.

Options for Endgame:

A crystal belt with and ES roll gives you 500-600 ES, you can either buy one, or wait until you find one and use some chaos orbs on it until you hit a decent energy shield roll.

A midnight Bargain with the Elemental Weakness Corruption enables you to use a second curse without needing a socket for it. If u place Ball Lightning + Curse on Hit + Enfeeble in it, the Ball Lightning will apply the Enfeeble AND the Elemental Weakness. Thanks to the existence of the "The Lich" Divination card there are a lot of corrupted Midnight Bargains around, i got one for 2 Chaos and 1 day later a better rolled one for 4 Chaos. To 3 socket and 3 link a corrupted item u need to have Vorici at level 8 (or a friend who has him at 8)

If you can hit your attribute requirements without needing to use 2 rings with attributes, you can use that ring instead to get some nice bonus energy shield and +2 to level of socketed aura (which is Purity of Lightning)

An other (very expensive) option to increase your energy shield, while also granting you a big amount of Chaos resistance.

I should mention that i did not have a 6linked Shavronne´s, a Pariah Unset Ring or a Presence of Chayula when i started farming Guardians and Shaper!

My flask setup is the following:

Try to get one Freeze removal, 1 curse removal and 1 Bleed removal. Bleed removal is the most important. Also 25% reduced charges used on basalt is very nice, because it enables you to use it twice without recharging.

While mapping i just hit the 3 resistance flasks and the basalt flask whenever i enter a breach/open a strongbox/run into a large pack of mobs so my resists are at 90% and my physical damage reduction ist at 43%, which is pretty good for an energy shield based build if you ask me. the quicksilver is (who would have thought) for running faster, it´s nice for clearspeed and in shaper fight i pop it whenever he uses his slam, so he can not hit me. you dont need the increased effect/reducded duration mod, the speed mod is recommended however. since we have no movement skill like shield charge or whirling blades, the tactic is to hit it and dodge when we see a malachai slam, a shaper slam, a phoenix explosion, the hydra fork shot and so on.

Kill all. Always.

Passive Tree (updated for 2.6!):
Don´t be afraid to take some of those +30 Strength or Dexterity nodes, you can respec them later!

Gem Setup:

Spectres: For all of the Setups you need 4 blue and 2 green sockets, 4B 1G if running a 5link. Try around and choose whichever you like for mapping. Only for Shaper Cannibal Fire-Eaters are a must.
Cannibal Fire-Eaters
The fire projectile they spit looks a bit like the one Flame Totems use. You use these guys to farm Guardians/Shaper. Their single target damage is absouletely crazy, especially if scaled with our auras. With the multi target setup they can easily clear T16 maps, their range without the 6th link is not that great, but they instakill anything they attack. And with single target setup they melt even shaper. 5link is recommended to farm Shaper.

Map Clear:
Raise Spectre - Minion Damage - Elemental Focus - GMP - Controlled Destruction (5th) - Faster Projectiles (6th)

Single target:
Raise Spectre - Minion Damage - Elemental Focus - Controlled Destruction - Slower Projectiles (5th) - Pierce (6th)

Flame Sentinels:
They are very good for clearing maps, even on a 4link, they spam their fireballs a lot and do great damage. Just great spectres overall.

Map Clear:
Raise Spectre - Minion Damage - Spell Echo - GMP - Controlled Destruction (5th) - Faster Projectiles (6th)

Single target:
Raise Spectre - Minion Damage - Spell Echo - Slower Projectiles - Controlled Destruction (5th) - Faster Projectiles (6th)

Goatman Fire-Raiser
At long range they shoot fireballs like flame sentinels, but at closer range they start throwing magma orbs. The aoe of the magma orb can overlap, so multiple orbs can hit a single enemy in one cast, causing massive damage. They also cast molten shell ocasionally, however i rarely see any of those explode and they don´t need the armour. My problem with them is that sound they produce with their magma orbs. :D
Map Clear:
Raise Spectre - Minion Damage - Spell Echo - GMP - Increased Area of Effect (5th) - Faster Projectiles (6th)

Single target:
Raise Spectre - Minion Damage - Spell Echo - Slower Projectiles - Concentrated Effect (5th) - Faster Projectiles (6th)

Merveil Blessed:
They shoot Frostbolts, which deal good damage and freeze/chill a lot of enemys. At close range they cast a water wave, which not only looks nice, but also deals good damage. The only problem is the low projectile speed of the frostbolts, if u can not fit in a faster projectiles support gem that can hurt their clearspeed.

Map Clear:
Raise Spectre - Minion Damage - GMP - Spell Echo - Controlled Destruction (5th or 6th) - Faster Projectiles (5th or 6th)

Single target:
Raise Spectre - Minion Damage - GMP - Spell Echo - Controlled Destruction (5th or 6th) - Slower Projectiles (5th or 6th)

Undying Incinerators
I would say their clearspeed is slightly better than the other ones. The shoot fireballs around all the time (very loud ones) and they also throw down firetraps. The drawback is they are squishier than the other spectre choices and they explode on low life, so you might want to use bone offering versus some T15 bosses like daresso where they otherwhise could die in those flying swords (unfortunately they i could not teach them how to walk out of dangerous aoe damage yet)

Map clear:
Raise Spectre - Minion Damage - GMP - Spell Echo - Increased Area of Effect (5th or 6th) - Faster projectiles (5th or 6th)

Single target:
Raise Spectre - Minion Damage - Slower Projectiles - Spell Echo - Concentrated Effect (5th or 6th) - Faster Projectiles (5th or 6th)

Other Gemsetups:
4L in +2 minion helmet:

Raise Zombie - Summon Chaos Golem - Minion Life - Fortify/EmpowerLv3+

3S in Shield (no links required):

Discipline - Purity of Fire - Haste

3l in Weapon:

Ball Lightning - Curse on Hit - Enfeeble
(Enfeeble can be swapped for an offensive curse if you prefer)

4l in Gloves or Boots:

Purity of Ice - Vaal Displine - Increased Duration - Flesh Offering
(You can use vaal haste instead of vaal discipline to get a massive increase in clear speed, i like the added safety more however. Bone Offering is used instead of flesh offering for guardians/breachlords/shaper)

4l in Gloves or Boots:

Anger - Generosity - Desecrate - Convocation
(Generosity is very important here, if you dont use it, the anger aura will also apply to you, so your ball lightning will GIVE the enemies fire resistance instead of reducing it thanks to Elemental Equilibrium)

1S in Ring:

Arctic Armour

1S in Ring:

Purity of Lightning

How to get map level spectres:
1. Remove the spell echo support gem from your body armour.
2. Check in List below in which Zone you can find the spectres you want.
3. Go to the zone where you can find them and use desecrate to create corpses.
4. Raise the spectre you want (for example Cannibal Fire-Eaters) - You can target corpses and see their names by holding the "a"-key. Getting a single spectre is enough.
5. Check in Map List below in which map the spectre you desire can spawn.
6. Open a map you found in the list below, for exmaple a Pit of the Chimera for Cannibal Fire-Eaters.
IMPORTANT: THE MAP YOU OPEN FOR THIS MUST NOT HAVE AN "AREA IS INABITED BY ANIMALS/UNDEAD/ABOMINATIONS/ETC"- MOD!!! I am not 100% sure about the "Increased Monster Vriety" Mod, i guess you will have a random chance to desecrate your spectres, but i would not count on it. "Inhabited by X additional Rogues Exiles is an exclusion, that mod is absolutely fine and the trick still works.
7. Use desecrate (gem must be lvl 19 or higher) on the ground until you spawn the corpses you want as spectres.
8. Raise them as your new spectres. (If you removed a spell echo gem at the beginning, put it back in now.) You now have T16 Spectres, hf facerolling content.

List in which zone you can find which spectre: (Needed for step 2+3)
Cannibal Fire-Eaters:
The Coast (Act 1)

Flame Sentinels:
Eternal Laboratory (Act 3)

Goatman Fire-Raiser:
The Climb (Act 1)

Merveil Blessed:
Unfortunately you can only find those in maps. :/ They always appear in "Area is inhabited by sea witches"-maps.

Undying Incinerators:
The Crematorium (Act 3)

Map list where you can find which Spectre by using this method: (needed for step 5 onwards)
Flame Sentinels:
Overgrown Ruin

Cannibal Fire-Eaters:
Sulphur Wastes
Pit of the Chimera
Lair of the hydra
Maze of the Minotaur
Tropical Island

Undying Incinerators:
Overgrown Ruin

Goatmen Fire-Raiser:
Any map that has the "Area is inhabited by Goatmen" mod.

That list is not complete yet, i will add more maps to it once i figured them out. if you were able to summon a specific spectre by using this method in a map that is not listed yet, feel free to pm me here or ingame, help is appreicated!

The level of your spectres is determined by the level of the corspe you raised it from. the level of the corpse (if spwaned by desecrate) is the lower one between the zone level (in a T16 map that is 83) and the corpse level desecrate allows (desecrate level 19 allows up to corpse level 100). so if you want high level spectres, you need to use a high level desecrate in a high level zone and then raise the spawned corpses.

Usually u can only spawn corpses of monsters that normally occur in the zone. for example in tropical island you will desecrate a lot of monkey or devour corpses. however i noticed that i suddenly desecrated flame sentinels even tho they did not occur as enemies in that specific map. i tested that with other spectres and it turned out, if you have a monster as your spectre and then open a map, that exact monster can be spawned by desecrate in that map. i don´t know if GGG added this recently, but i love it, it allows me to use high level spectres all the time. that´s why I enter a T16 with low level cannibal fire-eaters. however, any "are is inhabited by..."-mods on a map seem to prevent that from working, if the "area is inhabited by animals", i can truly ONLY spawn animals with desecrate.

Why do I not use a +2 Minion Helm on my character, but instead the +1 Bones of Ullr?!
The reason for that is that i could not find a decent +2 Minion Helmet with the Enchant i was looking for. The +1 Bones of Ullr have EXACTLY the same effect on the zombie as a +2 minion helmet has. they give +1 to the zombie gem and +1 to the empower gem, which then gives an extra level to the zombies. You ABSOLUTELY do not need it, it has not benefits at all compared to a +2 minion helmet or a "The Vertex Vaal Mask" i just could not find the right helmet with the right enchant (probably because most people do not consider the Convocation Enchant worth selling).

Tips for Shaper fight (using Cannibal Fire-Eaters):
General Tips:
- Use Bone Offering, NOT Flesh Offering. It makes your Spectres able to survive anything Shaper does.
- Cast Desecrate on the Ground a few times before you start the fight.

- Do NOT open a portal inside the area where you fight vs shaper. just don´t. the problem (at least for me) is, that when i try to reenter the fight after i portaled out/logged/etc is that during the loadscreen the shaper kills my spectres. (with faster PC/internet you might not have that problem.) As long as you did not move you can not take damage, however your spectres can, and since your auras do not affect them yet they have low resistances and they do not attack so no leech. it´s extremely frustrating to join the instance with only that frikin chaos golem left alive (why does he even have over 40k hp?!). do not worry however, as long as you do not put a portal inside the arena you can still finish the fight, even if your spectres died for some reason (idk why they would, but just in case), you died or you dced/logged. just go to the coast, get some cannibal fire-eaters, then go to eternal laboratory and open a t15/16, get some new spectres there and rejoin the shaper fight. you can finish the map in enternal lab after the shaper fight.

- Your Zombies will die during the fight, do not worry, that does not matter. Even if you have mana for it, do not waste time resummoning them.

- Do not panic when your spectres take some damage from the beam, they will leech back to full in a blink. Unless shaper uses 4 Beams in a row (which he does not do) everything is fine.

- This is the most important one: Do not be frustrated if you brick a few sets in the beginning. This build has everything you need to take down Shaper, but it does not guarantee a success. You need practice at the fight to be able to reliably farm him. My first shper attempt was done with no portals left, my second run was a brick. after about the 10th i started to feel comfortable doing the fight,since by then i found out the mechanics of the fight and knew other things i will mention below.

Shaper uses Beam:
- No problem at all, thanks to your high cold resist you do not get melted by too fast, just move out casually.

- After moving out cast Ball Lightning at him so your Spectres keep attacking him. They will take some damage from the Beam, but they will leech back to full anyway.

Shaper throws yellow balls at you:
- You have to dodge those. I´m using a lv. 20 Purity of Ice and one ball deals like ~6k damage to me. just take a step to the side when he fires a salve. he always fires salves of 3, all 3 will fly in the same direction, so one side step per salve is enough.

- Try to cast a ball lightning between the side steps to keep your spectres attacking.

Shaper uses Slam (OH MY GOD!!! PANIC!!!! Not.):
- That is were you use your quicksilver flask. Use it and run around like an idiot, he will miss. He will probaly hit your minons, but again, doesn´t matter.

- Do not run into your minions. I am not 100% sure, but i think it is possible that he targets a minion with the slam. if he does and you run to that minion... well, rip. got baited.

- If your quicksilver is out of charges, hit vaal discipline instead, you will survive the slam that way. If you have no charges left and vaal discipline is not charged either, something went wrong. In that case just log (especially if playing HC), or run around without quicksilver and pray he targets a minion or misses you by an edge. i never had to do this however.

Shaper spawns adds:
- Nice! Get back some sweet flask charges!

- Go to the portal he opens, call your minions with convocation and let them do the work.

- Cast some Desecrate so you have corspes for later.

- You can walk around a bit and check if there are any blue orbs incoming so you can pop them at the edges of the arena. if you do that however remeber to cast ball lightning every few steps so you minions stay at the monsters. I never lost zana during this phase.

Bullet Hell - Attack:
- Go under zana´s shield and cast desecrate once or twice below you, then use bone offering.

- Wait until he starts the actual attack (when the first dark projectiles are fired), then cast convocation, so your minions do not get hit by the full attack.

- Sometimes the spectres derp out of the shield, but that is not a big problem, as long as they do not get hit by the full attack and bone offering is up everything is fine.

- If a blue orb spawns and is going to come to you under the shield try to trigger it at the edge of the shield, without actually leaving it, then move to the opposite edge. If that happens, it sucks, but if you do not panic it is actually manageable.

About those blue orbs that chase you:
- This build kills shaper really fast, there will not spawn too many of them, because the fight is shorter.

- Even if one pops in a bad spot, that´s not a big problem. your minions do not really care for those and you can also survive a while in them thanks to your high cold resist.

- Running through the dot fields the orbs leave on the ground when popped is ABSOLUTELY no problem, again thanks to your high cold resist. do not see them as walls, more like... idk, some dog shit, you do not want to stay in it, but if everything behind you explodes you better walk through it and get rid of it later.


What changed in 2.6 for this build?

Not much.
The passive tree got changed slightly, resulting in us having 1 more skill point to spend (This is a buff.)

Vaal Discipline got nerfed (not surprised about that). I think the nerf was justified, from my testing it still serves it´s purpose however. You find yourself in a massive amount of breach/perandus/strongbox monsters? Pop vaal discilpine + your flasks, casually cast convocation and watch them burn.

Vaal Haste also got nerfed. However IF you were using it previously (i personally prefer vaal discipline over it, but completely up to you) you can stick to it. The duration nerf does not really matter, this build scales enough duration and clears fast enough so you can have 100% uptime on it. The speed values on it also got nerfed, but considering the amount of aura effectiveness we are scaling you still want to use it IF you prefer clearspeed over the added safety that vaal discipline provides.

It is now possible to roll up to +3 to level of socketed gems on unset rings, this is a very big deal for this build! it is important to know that purity auras give an other 1% max resist on level 23. to get your purity aura to level 23 you can now place a lvl 20 purity aura into a +3 ring or a lvl 21 aura in a +2 ring. it is not that easy to hit +3 on a ring, but it is doable, i spent about 500 alterations + 200 augments to get 4 +3 rings (and a lot more +2s).
How i rolled them:
Get yourself some itemlevel 84 unset rings, transmute them.
throw alterations on them until you hit one of the following things:
- +3 to level of socketed gems - Jackpot! Augment it, regal it and you are good to go!
- +2 to level of socketed gems - Also not bad, if you hit smth good with the augment and the regal
(like high resist/high energy shield/high attributes) you got a good ring, especially if you manage to get yourself a lvl 21 purity gem!
- A SINGLE high resist or high attribute roll - augment it and hope for a +2 or +3 roll, regal if you got one.
- Do not spam click, take your time and look at it before using the next alteration. It is extremely frustrating when you realize you accidentally rolled over that +3 to gems roll.
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Recent Updates:

- Added 2 videos: 1 of me getting T16 Cannibal Fire-Eaters in a hydra map by using the method i explain in the guide and 1 of the hydra fight with those spectres.

- Added a map list where which spectre can be desecrated by using this method. if you find a spectre in a map i do not mention yet in the list, feel free to pm me here or ingame so i can edit it!

- Added a "What changed in 2.6" section and updated the skilltree.

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hi, couple of questions:

1) What map would you usually find the cannibal spectres in then? You say coast but what would that translate to as the highest possible?

2) Any video of these shaper kills?

3) Any chance you could unlock your profile so we can see your character?
Completed 26 Challengesallana wrote:
hi, couple of questions:

1) What map would you usually find the cannibal spectres in then? You say coast but what would that translate to as the highest possible?

2) Any video of these shaper kills?

3) Any chance you could unlock your profile so we can see your character?

1) U can find them in ANY map, i explain that in the section at the end, it is called "how to get map level spectres". the trick is the following: if you enter a map while you have a spcific monster as spectre (level of the spectres does NOT matter) you can summon corpses of that monster in the map. so you go to the coast and get some cannibal fire-eaters, then you open a map and then you spawn new corspes, which will contain map level cannibal-fire eaters. then you can use those as your new spectres. the only thing that keeps that from working is if the map has any "area is inhabited by" mod, make sure it does not have those.

2) Not yet, my internet is not the fastest and uploading will take an eternity. :D I will try to upload one in the next few days however.

3) Done. Completely forgot about that, thanks for mentioning! The character name is Lunuara

Edit: I understand why at least some videos should be uploaded, since just walls of text might not look that appealing, uploaded a video showing me doing a full shaper run. I will add more videos in the future.
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hi, trying your spectre trick but so far doesn't seem to be working

The shaper killed looked solid though!
Thanks for posting your build. You're calling this lowlife but I don't see that you have taken the CI passive.
Nevermind, I see life is being reserved for auras.
Completed 26 Challengesallana wrote:
hi, trying your spectre trick but so far doesn't seem to be working

The shaper killed looked solid though!

make sure you open the map when you already have the spectres (from the coast for ex). it is key that you press the "activate" button on the map device while you have the spectres!
Completed 31 ChallengesxxWolf wrote:
Completed 26 Challengesallana wrote:
hi, trying your spectre trick but so far doesn't seem to be working

The shaper killed looked solid though!

make sure you open the map when you already have the spectres (from the coast for ex). it is key that you press the "activate" button on the map device while you have the spectres!

holy shit it worked. This changes everything
Hii there, big chance you recognize me, but anyways, Im another creator of a shaper-killing summoner, good to see someone have a video down on it already!

Also, saw you found out something amazing about spectre summoner, truly thanks for that information, I didnt know that :D

Have my blessing my friend!

Build looks solid, and I can definetly recommend this as an alternative to anyone reading this.
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