[2.5] The SRS Medic: Classic Healer | Heal for 5300+ HP/sec (Original)


Introducing: THE SRS MEDIC by Captain WARLORD

A healing support build for anyone. Affordable, effective and easy.

This build was originally first designed, crafted and released in July 2016 and had a follow up, which this guide is now for. The reason why I'm posting this now is because I haven't yet had the chance to release a proper guide for it.

A few things first:

๐Ÿ‘Š This build works only in conjunction with other Life based builds.
๐Ÿ‘Š The healing is Life Recovery, neither Regeneration nor Leech.
๐Ÿ‘Š It does not work on Energy Shield based builds.
๐Ÿ‘Š Besides healing your allies, it also heals you.
๐Ÿ‘Š Can be used with other Summoner or Support builds and they work very well together.

This build utilizes the unique shield Maligaro's Lens which restores 2% of your maximum Life to allies on death. To make use of this mechanic, I use SRS and the keystone Necromantic Aegis which applies all the shield effects to my minions instead. This includes the on death mechanic which allows me to restore HP based on the minion's life in a small AoE when it dies. This means that the more life the minion has, the more healing I can squeeze out of it.

I have done some testing in the past (thanks to the unknown exile for helping me out) and compared numbers between different minion skills.

1 Raging Spirit restored 399 HP on death.
1 Stone Golem restored 1499 HP on death.
1 Zombie restored 501 HP on death.
1 pair of Skeletons restored 420 HP on death.

These numbers are not final because I forgot to insert Minion Life jewels during testing and the build was based around pretty mediocre gear.

But here's the thing. While each of them restore more HP than SRS, the Raging Spirits still benefit you the most. Zombies need corpses and even with Desecrate it doesn't work well due to its limited casts and cooldown. Besides, this requires two different casting setups which result in slower healing after all. Stone Golem has a longer cooldown. Skeletons have low base HP and only make up for it due to sheer numbers. However, the skill's cast speed is terrible compared to SRS and thus loses out easily. Besides, you want high base HP to make use of the Caustic Clouds spread by minions on death (which don't stack, only the strongest ever applies).

The only thing that you need to consider when using SRS is that they need to expire first. Here it comes in handy to have as much reduced Skill Effect Duration as possible. This can be achieved with the Less Duration Support gem or the Warped Timepiece amulet.

However, the basic healing formula is still:

More Cast Speed + more Minion Life = more healing

If you can reach 20 Spirits and can maintain them, you effectively have reached the maximum of this build (since SRS numbers got reduced). It used to be 50, so the build basically got nerfed. But that's not that big of a deal since I only reached 13 Spirits maximum during testing. This was without Vaal Haste or Flesh Offering or any other buffs, though. During testing, it was possible to maintain the other player's HP during Righteous Fire (with 75% Fire Resistance) for a short period of time, but it effectively did not work because of the lack of cast speed. Should be doable if you manage to maintain 20 Spirits, though.

Click image for passive tree


1. Kill all or help Oak
2. Kill all
3. Kill all


Defense tab (flasks up in hideout)

Since I no longer have my old characters, I will have to do this by hand and from memory.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

The character is armour and life based and uses lots of life regen.


This build uses 3 unique items:

Weapon: Clayshaper (recommended);

Shield: Maligaro's Lens (mandatory);

Chest: Belly of the Beast (recommended); can work with Tabula Rasa

Amulet: Warped Timepiece (optional); any high Life amulet is recommended; preferrably Primal Skull Talisman, Shaper's Seed or Marble Amulet base.

Helmet, Gloves, Boots, Belt and Rings: high Life and resistances, also mana regen on jewellery.

All your gear should be armour based to cover you against most of the physical damage you will encounter.

Flasks: Eternal Life, Basalt, Sulphur, Granite, Quicksilver

Jewels: % increased Life, % increased Minion Life, resistances


1. Summon Raging Spirits
2. Spell Echo Support
3. Minion Life Support
4. Empower Support
5. Less Duration Support
6. Faster Casting Support

1. Cast When Damage Taken (1)
2. Immortal Call
3. Increased Duration
4. Vaal Haste

1. Raise Zombie
2. Minion Life Support
3. Fortify Support
4. Minion and Totem Elemental Resistance Support

1. Clarity
2. Arctic Armour
3. Desecrate

1. Vaal Summon Skeletons
2. Minion Life Support
3. Summon Stone Golem


This is a very cool and unique build. I've never even thought about the life regen as something that could've been useful, nor did it ever cross my mind it would've worked with minions! great find!

i may not use your build exactly but i am totally gonna throw maligaro's lens into my future summoner builds. did not realize at all it could be used this way :D thanks!

Cool concept. Might be a little out of place in the current meta for most groups but with endgame changes on the horizon a build like this could be really useful.

Very cool concept and execution. I like it.
It's really interesting the that healing is given as instant life recovery. I'd love to see my health jump up like that in a party.

Upvote ever for support builds, specially for healers.


THE FIRST VERSION (sample clip)

Updated videos will follow at some point.
"Every action has an equal and opposite reaction."

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This build looks amazing.

my next build

Hi, how about using CWC Wither with summon skeletons? Something like Wither + CWC + Summon Skeletons + Minion Life + Empower. You can also use that army of bones jewel to reduce the skeleton duration. Dont need to worry that much about mana as well.

Wither provides the debuff hinder and the poison cloud will do more damage.
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I have always been very interested in support-type build, particularly, healing ones. Sadly, I've tested the idea of Maligaro's Lens-Necromantic Aegis healing--trying with zombies, skeletons, and SRS. With my testing, SRS is the most efficient method to make this build with, the healing is comparable to any other method to life recovery (may it be leech, live recovery, flasks, life on hit, regeneration, etc.).

Unfortunately, what makes this build completely useless is its low range (i.e. roughly 15-20 range) An ally must be nearly on top of the minion that desummoned/dyed to receive the healing benefit. If a player takes any more than a single step (i'm not joking) from the minion, he or she will not receive the healing.

It's unfortunate. It would have been nice to have a single build that allows for aoe instant health recovery. Really, the only option to act as a good support-type build is an aura-based build : /

Maybe one day GGG will buff Maligaro's Lens' range. I would love that. Until that day, my suggestion is for people to stay away from trying this build: It'll just waste your time, if nothing else (and any currency and addition skill points/regrets put in).
Edit: wrong topic -.-
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