[2.5] Oro's Lacerate Chieftain | Budget | Tanky | Good Clearspeed T15 | Atziri/Guardians Viable

Hello! Welcome to my first PoE build guide! I used this build in softcore as I am still learning the game ( have been playing for only a month ) but it should be totally viable in hardcore. Feedback is appreciated and I will try to add, update the build based on them or my new ideas.


- Introduction
- Pros & Cons
- Passive Tree
- Items
- Gems
- Videos

1. Introduction

The Oro's Lacerate Chieftain is a tanky map clearing build, that is budget and so is good for starting the league and build your currency up with it, for a more meta and expensive build. The build is capable of running all tiers of the atlas easily, you only have to care about a few map mods, but it is absolutely both softcore and hardcore viable!

The build is about maintaining around 800-1000 liferegen while having high Lifepool around 10k ( 252% increased Life ) and armor + 7 Endurance charges and good leech for tankiness and doing lots of fire damage with your lacerate and your totem using the Oro's Sacrifice unique infernal sword.

This chieftain is capable of :

- Farm all Atlas Tiers fast
- Farm Normal Atziri / Uber-Lab
- Kill all Guardians
- Kill most Breach-lords ( only 3 were tested so far : Xoph, Tul, Esh )

2. Pros & Cons


- Tanky
- Hardcore viable
- Good clearspeed
- Budget
- Noob Friendly
- League starter
- Can do most content with most mods.


- Ele reflect kills you
- It's damage is not suited for end-game bosskilling.

And I can't think of more cons, It's a very good build and you can only feel it getting weaker around guardians. Killing shaper is possible, but needs extreme patient and very good experience with the game.

3. Passive Tree

3.1 Bandits

- Oak ( Life )
- Kraityn ( Attack Speed ) or Passive
- Oak ( Endurance Charge )

4. Items

The build requires only 1 unique to work the rest can be crafted or bought for a fairly cheap price. Your main stats are :

- Life
- Elemental Resistances
- Weapon Elemental Damage
- Fire Damage
- Life Regen
- Armor

Probably around in this order.

Keep in mind that my build is already maxed out and it has expensive items for min-maxing the build, but it is very good even without them. You can see some of my rares are pretty bad.

5. Gems


- Weapon Elemental Damage
- Lacerate
- Multistrike
- Faster attacks
- Fire Pen
- Concentrated Damage

Helm :

- Weapon Elemental Damage
- Faster Attacks
- Fire Pen
- Ancestral Warchief

Gloves :

- Leap Slam
- Faster attacks
- Fortify
- And I but Enduring Cry here to use on bosses


- Cast when Damage Taken
- Vortex
- Molten Shell
- Temporal Chains

I was recommended to use Immortal Call several times, and I DO NOT RECOMMEND USING IT. It will greatly nerf the build and will constantly remove your high resistances + life regen and it will only make you weaker! Use it at your own risk.

6. Videos

Keep in mind these are softcore videos!

Atziri : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PiJ1UaN-B0Q

Breachlord Esh : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OhzGMO2yEnI

Unindentified T15 Core : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_kPJ-zrAS58 - Died here a few times for being a newb.
Streams at:
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