[2.5 BHC] Chieftain Cyclone Ngamahu's Flame

My first try to make a guide.
Wanted to make a cheap league starter build evolving around the new abyssal axe Ngamahu's Flame when I first saw it. We also make use of the new unique amu Xoph's Blood.

video guide

passive tree
we basicly wanna take nods that scale the molten burst, cyclone and the ignites
axe nods and 2 handed weapon nods and ofc fire nods caus we are 100 fire with 48% fire pen


super cheap
very fast and good clear speed specially in breaches

dex and int starved
cant run ele reflect maps

my gem choices

must have

"gameplay" lol my comp cant coop recording and playing cant click or move, but this is kinda how it looks


Last bumped on Jan 16, 2017 5:24:09 PM
Sorry, but would not describe a build that requires a 1 Ex item as "super cheap."
Sorry, but would not describe a build that requires a 1 Ex item as "super cheap."

on 13 dec when post was created was super cheap :P
I respeced my RF char into this because the clearspeed started to get weak in high tiers. I have tried but never really played melee characters always some ci, crit or bow build. This is one of the most fun melee builds i have tried and I will keep playing it. Awesome build m9!
I also did RF, regretted it, and respeced into this.

This build is an amazing amount of fun and with high regen is a indisensible build for drunk mapping.

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