[2.5] Begginer friendly Chieftain Ngamahu's Flame dual fire warchief - Cheap t15 cleaner

Hello here! That build actually was my first in this league. Nice dps, great clear speed, extreamly cheap and high survivability. That build about new unique Ngamahu flame.


Chieftain with warchief totems is meta classic. But facebreakes with steel rings and resist will not be a cheap. Nice elemental overload boost for fire damage and leech from fire totems will be great.

Why ngamahu flame?

Molten burst doesn't work with totems. But 50% phys to fire and 20% fire pen it's great. With avatar of fire we get 100% fire damage.

Damage boost

Ngamahu flame+avatar of fire+chieftain nodes+elemental overload+fire penetration = whole high fire damage


Kaom's heart will be best choice for this build. You need accuracy from rings and gloves (we don't use RT). Xoph's blood and devoto's devotion is not necessary but great for this build




Auras and golem:


Blood magic variation tree


First minutes video is corrupted t13 gorge and t14Shrine - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pl4xZ9rojHA&t=38s

Pros and cons

Nice damage boost
Devastation from 55lvl
All map modes farm
High survivability
Fast t15 farmer
Simple Atziri's Disfavour phys warchief will be better (but expensive)
Not 1 button build - you need proc orb of storms for elemental overload
Not shaper or Uber farmer (without 6l)
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Added lvl100 tree
trying the same build as Chieftain with this 3 Items:
trying get Burn damage.

With this Skill Tree:
Skill Tree

but i am not sure how to link it with Gems:
A. Warchief - Conc. Effect - Faster Attack - Melee Phys Dmg - Ele Dmge - Mele Damage on Full Life
any idea to make better?

Auras: Hatred, Herald of Ash or better Blasphemy and Flammability?
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Added Blood magic tree and kaom's variation
bump - playing this in 3.0 plays very well on beta
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