[2.5] WIP 7 Stones Unholy Chieftain! Warchief & Golem Summoner

Wasn't really thinking of doing anything with the new Golem stuff but after watching ZiggyD's video about the new jewels it got some gears turning.

So here is my idea. Chieftain Ascendancy with 2 Ancestral Warchief Totems and 5 golems, 3 flame 2 Chaos. I know some might say go with 5 Flame Golems. However I like the damage reduction that the Chaos Golem offers. I may be wrong but I think the damage reduction might apply to my Totems too and if I'm lucky my Flame Golems.

Gear wise its pretty simple.

Helm = Skullhead Secutor Helm

Chest = Cloak of Tawm'r Isley or maybe the Infernal Mantle Widowsilk Robe for the damage conversion.

Gloves = ES or Armour base (depends on build) crafted with Deafening Essence of Fear

Boots = ES or Armour base (depends on build) crafted with Deafening Essence of Fear

Belt = ES or Armour base (depends on build) crafted with Deafening Essence of Fear

Neck = Sidhebreath Paua Amulet

Rings = Some combo of these: Mutewind Seal Unset Ring, Brinerot Mark Unset Ring, Ming's Heart Amethyst Ring.

Weapons = Either 2 Clayshaper Rock Breaker or drop 1 Golem and use The Consuming Dark Fiend Dagger for more conversion fun.

And what would this build be without the NEW jewels!!

The Anima Stone
Primordial Might
Primordial Eminence

Links. Well not being able to attack myself really simplifies things.

Ancestral Warchief + Faster Attacks + Melee Physical Damage + Added Fire Damage + Culling 6th link ideas, Added Chaos Damage, Weapon Elemental Damage, Melee Damage on Full Life, Poison, Concentrated Effect, Increased Area of Effect.

Travel = Flame Dash + Faster Casting.

I'm honestly not too sure yet what other links i want to put in my gear. Not having my own attacks changes things and I'm not really sure how close to the action I'll be getting. Some ideas I have are:

Herald of Ash (of course)
Flammability + Blasphemy
Vulnerability + Blasphemy
Molten Shell + Immortal Call + Cast When Damage Taken

Well I think that wraps it up. Obviously I cant really do a full build guide for this as we are waiting for the new league. I am pretty confident it will be pretty fun and strong considering Ancestral Warchief already and now being able to summon up to 5 Golems. Also not sure about price yet.

Here are the 2 trees I made. I personally like playing CI characters but it is missing a bit of ES considering the start point. The life build is also lacking life but that is just life these days. Really I'm not sure how much it will matter as you really shouldn't be in the thick of things.

The CI tree

The Life tree
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Nothing? Does it just suck that bad?
Completed 1 Challengesafety2nd wrote:
Nothing? Does it just suck that bad?

Unless your build says "CI/LL BF 2.5M DPS" it will probably not get any attention in this meta...

An intriguing idea though. The problem I see with it is the lack of synergy between running golems (so minion damage) and totems (so totem damage).

You'll basically be spreading your eggs across multiple baskets, which without synergy means you're nerfing yourself. Generally speaking, a pure golemancer or totem chief would be superior.
Carry on my waypoint son, there'll be peace when maps are done.
Lay your portal gem to rest, don't you die no more.

'Cause it's a bitter sweet symphony this league.
Try to make maps meet, you're a slave to the meta, then you leave.
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Last time I checked the buff you get from golems didnt stack, which makes running two chaos golems unnecessary.
No video, no item linked. This probably is a Theorycraft, not a build.

Probably not worth checking it until the author itself test it.

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