How does elemental equilibrium work?

How does the debuff work exactly, does it last for a set period of time?
Like for example I cast Freezing pulse and then I get a certain amount of time to spam fire ball?
Or does each hit overwrite the EE so that I would have to cast Freezing pulse then fireball then freezing pulse?


If the latter then I'm guessing skills like fire storm wouldn't work with EE because as soon as one fireball hit it would grant the enemy resistance?
It's every hit. Even simultaneous hits (as long as they're different hits) will reapply EE separately. Firestorm would be awkward as an EE proc skill because it's somewhat unpredictable. Generally what you want to do is either alternate skills, or use degens (because they don't proc EE but do benefit from it).
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ya u got to be careful with it too. Say you have flat fire damage to spells on your wand, now your freeze pulse will work against cold and fire, leaving only lightning. If you also run herald of thunder, now its got added lightning damage, its going to buff all their resists and be a total loss. Spells are easier than attacks to keep pure but its still restrictive, if you want to alternate spells or do cast on crit with many spells then you cant have flat added elemental spell damage from any source.
Some of the best uses of EE are for skills where an initial hit does a different type of damage than the main damage source.

Some good examples:

Using a skill like Ice Nova or Shock Nova then using RF or searing bond (since RF and SB don't hit to trigger the EE effect).

Spectral throw with CoC: The ST projectiles do physical and lighting damage while triggering fireball and arctic breath.

Voll's Cyclone CoC: Cyclone hits do physical and cold or fire damage then trigger electrical discharge.

Using a totem: Having a totem spamming a skill like Firestorm or GMB Ball lightning can trigger EE, as your totems can proc it.

Trapper: Using a variety of different spells on traps lets you exploit this to a large extent (cold snap trap into arc trap for shock into fire trap for nuke, for example).
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Also people use cyclone with hatred aura to proc EE for the RF fire degen.
Effreti wrote:
Also people use cyclone with hatred aura to proc EE for the RF fire degen.

that is rediculously wasteful just get cold damage on one item and you save an aura slot
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What is still left to be said is that EE can be useful for some summoners, because it cannot be procced by minions
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