Happy Holidays! Get your free Winter Mystery Box!

On behalf of everyone at Grinding Gear Games, I'd like to wish you all a merry Christmas and happy holidays! We hope that you're all enjoying the Talisman league as much as we are and are getting some well-deserved time off! In the festive spirit, we're offering a free Winter Mystery Box to anyone who clicks this link from today until the end of December 26th. We're also running an extended stash tab sale this weekend. Premium Stash Tab Bundles will go on sale tonight and will be discounted for two days. Regular Stash Tab Bundles will be discounted the following day. Enjoy!

Note that your account has to have been created prior to today for it to be entitled to the free mystery box.

EDIT: After around two hours of problems related to too many users attempting to claim their presents, we've fixed the system so it should be able to award them now. Click the above banner!
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Damn...thanks Chris, have a good Xmas and all the staff as well
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You guys rock! Have been checking the site hoping there might be an exclusive one day Christmas mtx but this is a very nice surprise :)

Nice Doggy! Needs some training though, he keeps trying to sniff my butt while in town.
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cheers enjoy the holidays and hopefully it doesn't stay wet up north for long :)
Thx Chris! I am still waiting for Disintegration Wizard skill from Diablo 3!
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merry christmas chris, and happy holidays!
yay STUFF!!!!
Got a wolf from the box :) Merry XMas GGG.
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