Going from Normal to Cruel

After killing Piety,
if I go through the final door to "Cruel Twilight Strand", will I be still able to help or trade with my friends who are still in normal mode?

As I do have a quite unreliable internet connection, can I go back to normal mode if I find out that too much XP loss is bad for my nerves?

After looking at the ladder I wonder if there are really more than 15k characters above level 64 after 3 weeks of open beta? Assuming that there was a char wipe approx. 3 weeks ago.

(tried a lot of other names, all were taken, so I took this hint from GGG and used their suggestion for a name)
1. Yes, you can interact with everybody, regardless of difficulty.

2. Yes, you can still play in Normal after you go to Cruel.

3. Yes, those lvl64+ are all chars started after open beta.
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Yes, you'll be able to use waypoints to everywhere in normal (there will just be a 'tab' when you go to your waypoints and you can choose normal/cruel/merciless)
Thank you!
Solved my uncertainty regarding cruel mode. Gonna give it a try in a few hours.

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