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Larloch wrote:
make this thread sticky somehow so that people find it instead of browsing through the forum!
can you do that?? awsome job gg xD

Thanks! I can't make this sticky. I think only forum moderators and the devs can do that.

shibloble wrote:
Amazes me to see my page up there, I made it essentially as a rage post at first, due to all those damn "help my cold witch" threads. I COULDN'T HELP THEM ALL!!!!!! :P

Serious note: Nice post, will help out a TON of people, keep working on it.

Heh, read your spoiler about why you wrote the thread. Same reason why I made this list. So many people asking for builds, but not looking.
So much better than going through countless pages. Good idea for this thread~
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I've made some formatting updates and added a few more builds.

Any suggestions for builds I may have overlooked?
ibugsy wrote:

+ 02/20/2013
- Accidental deletion of Edit History. o.0

Sorry but i laughed really hard at this.
Thank you SOOOO much for this. Deserves a sticky!
Sorry if this is slightly off-topic, but I thought this was the best place to ask rather than add yet another "rate my build" thread to the forums.

Anyhow, I've kind of had my heart set on a spellsword-type Witch, preferably fire-based (thought I might go Lightning with some convincing). My dreams of having a sword and wand combo were dashed, but I was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction of making this type of character viable.
where is Dominions build on ur list? cant find it .
good list.

just gona clarify that my build is not a summoner build. You can create a new section called dual totem builds and throw Dominion's guide in there as well.

dominion's link:
IGN: hyperculler (torment)
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