How to reduce some lag/stuttering

I don't know if this has ever been mentioned before, it probably has, but you can set your log file to "read only". I noticed that when I hit a bunch of mobs at once, my game no longer stutters.

I was also watching Kripparrian's stream during today's race, and his PC was stuttering like a mofo while he was being spammed; probably because all that spam was being entered into that text file.

The file is located in Program Files (x86) / Grinding Gear Games / Path of Exile / logs
thanks i'll defintely have to try this shortly.

next up, fixing lag from lightning arrows would be pretty cool :-)
I should also note that you have to do this while the game is not running, or else you need to restart the game for it to take effect.

Would like to hear from some other people who have tried this, I hope I'm not just imagining things when I say I get less stuttering
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Any other experiences with this so far?
tested and it does improve gameplay by a bit, everything helps on this somehow pc heavy game
Just having the chat window with messages in it will lag the game. Chat being posted to the log could be the problem, but even when i set it to read only I still get stutters with global/trade open while fighting(once in a while)
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I've got it in a different folder, we talking about "client.txt" here yeah?
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I've got it in a different folder, we talking about "client.txt" here yeah?

where do i change it to "read only", theres just the "client.txt" with full of notes, but i dont know where to change it?
Haven't tried this myself yet but good find if it does indeed help.

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