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0.9.5 feedback below this post

What's the point of having this support when things like melee physical damage, added fire damage, added cold/lighting/chaos damage, and faster attacks exist?

Sure it adds a little bit more damage than added physical/fire or increased attack speed supports, but added lightning/cold/chaos damage are the most effective supports for minions as far as I know (or is that not the case?), making it not significant unless one had 5-6 sockets.
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This is more of a suggestion for minion supports as a whole but I think it would be more interesting to have some supports like Minion Fury, which would increase movement speed, attack speed, and damage, Minion Resilience which would increase defense, life and resists.

You could also have supports that give minions interesting abilities like Immolated Minion which would give a minion a small fiery aura.
Minion Taunt could give a minion a strong taunt ability they could use to gain agro.
Minion Feast could allow minions to eat corpses to regain a large amount of health.

It seems like most people just use Added X Damage on their minions because even the minion only gems aren't too interesting right now, and they are more effective than the minion only gems.

You should still be able to use other gems to make all sorts of combinations. Actually it makes my head spin. Imagine linking Raise Zombie, Immolated Minion to give him a small fiery aura, and then Increased Area of Effect to expand it.
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If you want your zombies to 'immolate' things, give them added fire damage and a chance to ignite. They cause a lot of mayhem like that.

If I can skip minion damage nodes, I do that. I'd much rather just apply this gem, chance to ignite, multiple projectiles and added fire damage. Then I raise only casters and ranged mobs with the minion skill.

Let the zombies go jihad as tanks and the minions dps. Works great. Along with Frost wall I hardly even get hit in chaos anymore.

Only issue with this, is that since the enemy mobs run around a lot when ignited, I sometimes miss out on dps from my fire AoE.
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All feedback after this point is for 0.9.6.
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Just a quick question - does this support gem work with Minion Instability passive?
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Currently no, as that's not dealt as damage due to technical limitations, but calculated out and subtracted from enemy life.
In future, yes it will, as this gem increases all damage the minions deal, and the explosion is damage dealt by the minions.
Feedback after this point is for 0.9.7
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My question actually relates to Many of the support gems and not only the Minion damage gem.

Q1 - Is there any Real Benefit to level up a support gem like this one? Edit: Yes there is

I may be incorrect but I have not noticed any benefit - in fact I'm seeing a negative here in that the requirements increase when you level the gem but as far as I can see the gems benefits remain constant.

If this is correct then it would be silly to level them up. Edit: It is silly not to level them

Q2 - is there a thread that shows the skill/support gems level attributes? Edit: Still need an answer to this
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