Righteous Fire Witch

So a while ago I tried to make a Righteous Fire Witch, using the % more Spelldmg Buff.

The Idea was to get a very low Life Pool and very High ES with maxed Fire resist and Life Leech Gem+Ghost Reaver.
Since the life pool is very small anyway, i thought about getting a blood magic aura + Spell Atunement to boost the spelldmg even more.

Right now i am level 70, got 430 life and 3000 ES with 78% Fire resist, using a blood magic aura to get low life.

My build: http://www.pathofexile.com/passive-skill-tree/AAAAAgMBVysHY-aBEVC71jvh4venK4t6bRnB8_F2oqN_xi-dFvMmPMHF7BjDbYhC8h2P-nvX37CCEAelAuNJsiycSRuvt4dlnC0fAjbFNtjxbOxV2CSnCLiTDH0Qf8aetQRdxkbX3fNgbeQiKU-drhpsjmT3prb6hX0WQGaecU2az0NjtzFY9Z3EgpvsODrYTdiMdp48gW-dgIM473zb50cGX2rr7oRIPI4Bb1fJNAo=

Using righteous fire at act 3 works quite well, it doubles my DPS and i leech more than enough life aslong a few mobs are around.

But Maps are very hard for me. I have a lot of mana problems to spam fireball, since i can't kill the mobs fast enough for my flasks to recharge, and thus i can't use righteous fire.

Chaos mobs are a big problem too, until now i decided just to avoid them, but i am not sure if this will work at high level maps.

Right now my Witch feels to weak. The damage seems to be good, but i keep dieing to much. I am not sure if i should get better gear and maybe it will work out better then or just reroll, since righteous fire can't be used effectivly (or atleast not like that).
Something like this i am going to try via Templar. I plan to combine Rfire + Pain Attunement + Concentrated effect for an insane dmg output. To keep me life always below 35, i suggest using the low level unique Kite shield, as it gives you 6% bonus regen on low life. So the idea is to use Rfire to get on low life and then have the regen kick off vie Zealots Oath to overpower the fire deregen. I still have to somehow survive Ac3 normal though :I
I got Righteous Fire working...add me, Violera, and I can show it to you in action.

The idea is similar to yours, however my resists are 88%. My build currently looks like this(at lvl78):


My health is around 630, my ES is 4600 (with Discipline aura) and currently it takes about 9 minutes for Righteous Fire to deplete my health completely (no flasks used, just standing still and not attacking).

I'm using the Saffell's Frame shield for 5% max all resist, as well as got Elemental Adaptation passive. Zealot's Oath is key of course, and I also have Ghost Reaver (as you said) to replenish my ES easily.

As I increase my ES with equips, I will remove more +ES% passive nodes to fill up critical hit chance/multiplier passives.
not even viable endgame.. way too many mobs using chaos attacks ;(
IGN: NukerDeath
It's viable with decent resists. I can survive about two poison bombs from an Alchemist in the endgame maps and I have about 15% chaos resist in Merciless (trying to increase this).

I've completed a number of endgame maps without losing my Righteous Fire. Not sure how it will fair in the highest level maps though, the highest I've run is lvl70.
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I'm interested in how you can maintain righteous fire for so long without any passive life% regen nodes. I would guess vitality helps, but you took inner force so that should be hitting you for 12% (88% resists) of your life *.3 = 98 per second.

Even with vitality giving back 60 per second, do you get quite a bit more from gear? Otherwise it's only 120 seconds, not 9 minutes before it takes away your energy shield.

I like my righteous fire witch, but feel like I will only play the character for some of the maps that don't involve chaos damage.
I think Vitality is based on my ES and not life, thanks to Zealot's Oath. And yes, I have 22.3 life/s regen from my equipment. Honestly I didn't really sit down to try to calculate how much more or less I would need, I just kept increasing my ES, increasing my +life regen and trying to minimize the amount of +hp i had from equips.

Also right now, since I got my new ES chest, righteous fire is healing me. However, I think if I get a few more level ups, my max hp will increase enough that righteous fire will start draining again. I can already notice the healing becoming slower and slower as I level, even though my gear isn't changing.
For those wondering about this build, you can make it work without any unique items. Sure, a redbeak is nice for more damage, or a 6% life regen kite shield makes it simple, or Saffell's Frame for +5 max resist. But, if you skip over inner force you can farm docks on merciless with about 3k energy shield and 600 health.

A freezing pulse + lesser multi + faster projectiles + life leech will keep your shield up.

Auras: purity, vitality, discipline, and clarity

At level 71, my damage on freezing pulse was 2k*3. I put an increased radius support on righteous fire for the fun of it too. May as well hit the enemies for another 300 burning while I shotgun them for 6k cold damage. Most die in one hit and about 3 for blue, 4-5 for yellows. And with over 21% crit chance, they are frozen for the fight.

Still wouldn't recommend the build for maps though. Maybe if you skip pain atunement and get massive chaos resists you will survive the bears that have a chaos damage aura... but good luck. Pain atunement is a multiplier, so when combined with righteous fire it becomes 1.75 * 1.3 = 2.275 multiplier to your damage. That's right, my damage is about 450 when standing in town (I use redbeak). Not sure how people play normal witch characters.

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