1H + Shield w/ Aegis Aurora (Lvl 83) - Added Video

I've been pleasantly surprised by how well this has worked, so I wanted to share. It works extremely well in all maps I've done with groups(66-70). I did one lvl 74 map. The chaos damage was pretty insane, so I decided to leave. It's probably best to try 71s/72s first.

Anyway, the reason I wanted to try this is that 1h/Shield generally sucks. I think to make it work you have to maximize everything you get from your shield. Block chance is definitely very powerful in this game as a block completely negates all damage (unlike in D3). With the Aegis Aurora, not only are you completely negating damage, but you're regenerating "hit points." Energy shield is basically just more HP versus everything but chaos damage.

Utilizing high block chance along with the Aegis Aurora shield allows you to maintain a nearly 100% uptime of energy shield. This works exceptionally well and makes you near invincilble vs any type of damage that does not bypass ES. I use the Stone of Lazhwar for spell blocking. With around 7.85k armor, I'm gaining about 314 ES per block. With the body and soul talents, even the 150 ES you get from the Aegis Aurora turns into 300+ which is powerful all on it's own.

I'm currently running 5 Auras: Tempest Shield, Determination, Vitality, Hatred, and Anger. I may drop Vitality for Haste being that I'm almost never losing HP, but it's helpful for chaos mobs. The problem is my Dex is really low, so I'd have to make that up somewhere. Blood Magic is used for the mana reserved auras. My actual mana pool is entirely consumed by the % Reserved Auras using reduced mana.

Skill wise, I use Ground Slam, Glacial Hammer, and 2x Enduring Cry. Could someone confirm for me that damage reduction from enduring cry is applied to damage before it is taken away from your energy shield? All skills use Blood Magic support gems.

My stats using my auras are:

4.7k HP (4.3k with all auras)
7.5k Armor
~2k Ground Slam
~3.8k Glacial Hammer (Not leveled up to current lvl though)
~615 ES
61% Block Chance (with tempest shield)
39% Spell Block
220 ES gained per block

The only quality gem I have is 18% Glacial Hammer, and I don't have a 5L. A 5L or 6L armor would substantially increase damage. A 6L would allow me to use Faster Attacks + Melee Damage on Full Life for ground slam. That would put it close to 4K I believe. I don't have HP on my gloves, so picking up 75-100 HP there would be me close to 5K with auras. I plan to change my gloves and boots to Armor/ES hybrids as well giving me over 1K ES without losing too much armor (important for the ES gain on block).

Video Demonstrations:

Energy Shield Recovery On Block Demonstration

Level 67 Map Clip

Level 69 Map - Facetank


Chaos Damage (My Chaos Res is only -41 - Only have it on one item)
Hard hitting, slow attacking mobs
Damage over time abilities that can't be blocked (i.e., fire golem trails)

Skill Tree:



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would very much like to see some video of the gameplay with this build.
PM me in the forum if i win
I will try to record a video. It basically involves running into large groups of mobs and spamming attacks.

I'm thinking molten shell might be a good addition for extra damage and absorption.
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god terrible build, really really bad
IGN chistor
chistor wrote:
god terrible build, really really bad


It's not that bad or I would be dead at lvl 82.

Molten Shell kind of sucks in my opinion, so I'm not using that.
I would also love to see this build in action
I've added a video demonstrating the blocking w/ ES regen. I didn't have any maps to go into solo, so I had to use the docks. The concept is the same though. I tried recording in a group earlier and its just not doable for me. It hangs and freezes a lot.
wow, really nice. ES doesn't go down. great build, but is it dps sufficient in solo?
PM me in the forum if i win
wow, really nice. ES doesn't go down. great build, but is it dps sufficient in solo?

I soloed the entire game other than Merciless Vaal before I ever got the the shield to do this. I could solo maps, but it would be slower than groups.

The good thing is that from here on out, I can take mostly offensive passives to increase damage. And like I said, with a 5L or 6L, my damage is going to really go up a ton. I'll be able to add Faster Attacks + Melee Damage on Full Life (or another dmg gem) to my ground slam.
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chistor wrote:
god terrible build, really really bad

um... he's level 82 HARDCORE.

You come up with a build in hardcore and survive to level 82.

I am extremely impressed and I was wondering what your build was.


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