I am new and am trying to find a right one for playstyle. Came across this so want to ask:

Is there any build good with using swords and bow?
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It depends on whether you're on softcore or hardcore. But for simplicity's sake I'll just assume you're playing on hardcore mode.

The first conscious choice you have to make for a swordmaster build is whether you want to be Dual-wield, Single 2-hander, or 1-Hand + Shield. All three offer its own set of benefits, and you can't really determine a correct skill tree without at least deciding on which style you're going for.

But since you picked 1-hand weapon passives, it's going to be DW or 1H+S, and in that case, I would say that you're missing some lower level core skills to be survivable or effective. I would recommend this:

DW Build (28 points)

1H+Shield (29 points)

For the first couple of levels at least.

From then on, depending on your gear and play style, you can start pathing towards trees. Ranger Shadow for high DPS output but sacrificing survivability, or Marauder for survivability but less DPS nodes. One thing to note is that the path towards Marauder tree opens up the option for you to grab BM/US & RT, which most duelists favour, whereas pathing towards Ranger/Shadow gives you IR/AD.

Your current path towards Marauder is wrong, if assuming you're going melee. IG is useless for a melee toon, and to branch towards that side is a huge waste of nodes (investing in early int nodes that useless, and connecting nodes that give nothing of significance to melee duelists.)

I would recommend this instead:

DW (Marauder)

DW (Ranger)

1H+S (Marauder)

In this case you grab less useless nodes, open up paths to BM/US and IR, and is in a better position overall with your choices. Melee duelists are gear dependent, which means that whatever resists your gear cannot cover, you can reinforce it with the giant resist circle located at the Marauder tree.

For DW, there are alternate paths you can take towards Ambidexterity, depending once again on your style of play. If you're going to be using Frenzy, then it's best to swing south towards Diamond Skin from the Frenzy Node path instead of taking a more direct approach.

All that said, you did also mention you wanted to be a ranged duelist. In that case, I would suggest that you reroll, seeing how your initial point investments are all wrong. The current proposed build for a ranged duelist is as such:

Ranged Duelist (26 points)

And from here you can evolve into:

Ranged Duelist (BM-41 points)

Ranged Duelist (IR/IG-41 points)

Ranged Duelist (Marauder-41 points)

The last build opens you up to BM/IG, but note that you'll be shorter on health comparably to the others, until you fully develop your Maraud tree.

That's all the advice I can give now.
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Thanks so much the the advice, now I have a better idea of what to place effectively :D .

Hmm does the URL lasts permanently? If not I think I better take a screenshot or something....

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