The Union – Supporter’s Divination Card Item Craft Retrospective

Hi, we’re Rosemarie and Andrew here, proud account member of BLÔW Guild, and today we’ll be sharing with you the design process behind The Union, a Supporter crafted Divination Card implemented in The Awakening game expansion / 2.0.0 patch.

We’ve both been a PoE Supporter since Closed Beta phase, where Andrew first donated approximately US$10 to obtain the Beta key back then – after a while, we saw potentials in the game and wanted to support the GGG Development team. The Diamond Supporter Pack was most appealing in CB however the US$1,000 was a hefty price and we were budgeting our marriage. Despite the love for PoE and its possibilities, we resigned from supporting at the top-tier level (goodbye Diamond kiwi, we profoundly missed you!). However, the Highgate Supporter Pack fascinated us when it was announced by Chris on 29 April 2015. Hence here’s a story where we rekindle the flames of our past – in a twist into the present, by putting our personalised mark in Path of Exile.

Coming up with a Divination Card, is something we’re new and excited about. The idea of exchanging an item once you attained a certain number of stacks after meticulous hunting, sounded very rewarding. Which, we engaged our guild and the open community to hear what would be useful or gives self-accomplishment feel for the bounty. Most of the opinions yielded towards (in chronological order):

  • Currency item
  • Hi-rarity unique BiS/end-game item
  • Expired challenge league item
  • Corrupted max level gem
  • Level 100 white item for craft
  • Random uber Atziri’s fragment
  • Random 6-link item
  • Random new hi-tiered yellow item
  • Etc.

We thank everyone for their outlooks in this, however still wasn’t able to call a solid decision. Then we weighed our own gameplay experience, and sought that something common such as Orbs of Fusing would be a good choice. But shame, someone else had to be the early bird when the submission form was opened. Several tries of other items were proposed as well, but all other Supporters were swifter. Until, Andrew recollected Rosemarie fancies jewelleries, particularly to receiving it for every special occasion in their life per calendar year. Therefore, the Gemcutter’s Prisms was decided, and successfully accepted.

It was also a very beneficial item for the community who desires to upgrade their skill gems, through means of hard work farming but more importantly, it was a virtual jewellery this time for Rosemarie, meant as a gift for her upcoming important occasion – second wedding anniversary. We were wedded blissfully on auspicious 21 July 2013. The marriage went pleasingly, elaborate but were very meaningful and lovely. To follow our story, see the following separately:

Therefore, despite missing the first Diamond Supporter Pack as we’d to set aside funds for ourselves, we funded GGG this time through the Highgate Supporter Pack. We are married in real life, and we wouldn’t mind doing it again in Path of Exile. For that reason, the card name was settled as The Union, including the flavour text and art were specifically themed around it. A photograph of us were provided to Shaun and Erik for clearer reference to mirror. The result:

We must admit, very happy with the end outcome in this one-of-a-kind to personalised our own mark in PoE. The process was efficient and painless, and Nick alongside Jonathan who coordinated this for us were especially understanding and anticipated us by working out for the card to stack 7/7 which gently hints July, when we got married. Shaun and Erik also helped by completing the card art with illustration that softly suggests 21 to denote the date. In short, this investment had went a long way, both with PoE and IRL, and GGG to thank for it. Thank you for a beautiful piece of design for our second wedding anniversary gift!

Our journey now comes to a closing. Thanks for reading, we earnestly hope you enjoyed learning our process behind this card. Drop us some love, below. Cheers and best of RNG to you Exiles!

Fast Facts to Hunt this Card:

Bounty Exchange:
10 nos. of Gemcutter’s Prism

Farming Ground:
The Fellshrine Ruins (Cruel, Merciless)

  • Chris Wilson – Extraordinary MD of GGG
  • Shaun – Card Artist
  • Erik – Art Director
  • Nick – Project Coordinator, Flavour Text
  • Jonathan – Game Item Coder
  • Samantha Wilson & Team – Undying Support
  • Charan – Friendship and Fellow Tenacious PoE Supporter
  • Marquoz, DLRR, Sneakypaws, Isildria, SayyadinaAtreides, ML – Friendship and Humour
  • ZiggyD – Insightful and Entertaining Streamer
  • Rosemarie – Wife, for all the timeless support and friendship in life
  • The PoE Community – Insights and Opinions

(◕‿◕✿) Happy hunting Exiles! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Other Retrospective Thread by NotACuckRoach

The Gemling Queen favours 'NotACuckRoach'.

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人生はただのゲームだ。楽しむために生きろ。勝利をつかむため遊べ。人生に勝ち、そして喜ぶために生きろ。o(^▽^)o ♪
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こんにちは、ブローギルドメンバーのローズマリーとアンドリューです。今日はPath of Exile 2.0.0:覚醒 パッチで拡張された占いカードの1つ、ユニオン(結婚)カード作成の裏話をさせて頂きます。




  • カレンシーアイテム
  • 高レア・ユニークBiS/エンドゲームアイテム
  • 過去のチャレンジリーグアイテム
  • コラプテッド・マックスレベルアイテム
  • クラフト用のレベル100ホワイトアイテム
  • ランダムユーバー・アッジリの欠片
  • ランダム6リンクアイテム
  • ランダムニュー高ティアー・イエローアイテム
  • 等々。


参考に私達の挙式の 写真をショーンとエリックに提供しました。完成品はこちらです:

Path of Exileにパーソナルな思い出を加えることができ、このカードの仕上がりにとても嬉しく思います。作成の工程はスムーズで、ニックとジョナサンは私達の要望を非常に理解してくれました。
プリズムと挙式した7月にかけてスタック7/7にして頂いた心遣いもさすがです。ショーンとエリックも、「21」日を暗示するイラストに上手く仕上げてくれました。協力して下さったPath of Exile、IRL、GGGには感謝申し上げます。2年目の記念日に素敵なプレゼントをありがとうございました!



ジェムカッター・プリズム X 10



  • クリス ウィルソン ー GGGの素晴らしいマネージング・ダイレクター
  • ショーン ー カードアーティスト
  • エリック ー アートディレクター
  • ニック ー プロジェクトコーディネーター、フレーバーテキスト
  • ジョナサン ー カードアイテム・コーダー
  • サマンサ、ウィルソンとそのチーム ー 心強いサポート
  • シャラン ー 熱い友情とサポート
  • マーカス、DLRR、スニーキーポー、イシルドゥリア、サヤディナアトレイズ、ML ー 友情とユーモア
  • ジギーD ー 理解あるストリーマー
  • ローズマリー ー 妻、絶え間ないサポートと深い友情
  • PoEコミュニティ ー 理解と意見



The Gemling Queen favours 'NotACuckRoach'.

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Powered by 2015 Alienware 17" R2 laptop · Standard League · BLÔW Guild · Bird-Day - Aug 7, 2012
人生はただのゲームだ。楽しむために生きろ。勝利をつかむため遊べ。人生に勝ち、そして喜ぶために生きろ。o(^▽^)o ♪
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Congratulations on the wedding anniversary!

I really like the little details put into the Divination card, too. Nice to hear it all went smoothly and you're both happy with the result.
"The Union" doesn't reward fusings? Come on now GGG, should've just trumped the other submission on wordplay alone. :P


Great write-up! I love hearing the backstories of the cards since it makes finding them much more memorable.
Thanks for supporting and a card is a neat way to celebrate. You're doing good.

Pity that the cards are so rare that from a play standpoint they're essentially just trading fodder.
I'm actually not all that large a fan of those currency-rewarding cards. But after spending the past week getting the corruptions I wanted on my gear thanks to The Inventor card, Im actually very grateful for full stack currency cards. It really makes it a lot easier to get large amounts of currency when you can just pay the cheapest price for each card on

I haven't needed GCP yet, but be certain that once I need to 20q all my 15q gems, I'll be getting my prisms though this card!

Also, is BLOW a Japanese guild? I'm a native English speaker in Tokyo and would love to connect with Japanese PoE players!
IGN: Ikimashouka, Tsukiyattekudasai, DontCallMeMrFroyo
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Another excellent write up NotACuckRoach!

Thanks for sharing and love them subtle hints now that i know the background :).

sort of sad you guys couldn't get the fusing currency though, would have been magnificently fitting.

but then again a gem cutter also symbolizes a marriage quite formidably in most cultures.



Obligatory :

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Thanks Andrew!
That was very nicely written and (layouted, laid out?).
Moreover, I'm looking forward to farming the card. Love Fellshrine, so no harm in trying.
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