<02H> Zero 2 Hero Guild is recruiting! [AU]

Zero 2 Hero is a guild formed on the Australian Gateway, accepting members from all over the world.

We are a new guild with 41 tabs so far in our Guild Stash and growing.

We have our own dedicated private forum and TS3 server.

Experienced and helpful members, willing to run Leveling parties, Act completion parties, Map Runs and Master Missions.

All we ask is that you be mature, speak English, and enjoy the game.

To apply, simply leave your in-game character name in this thread, and one of our leader or Officers will send you an invite. Alternatively, you can visit our forums to apply - http://forum.zero2heropoe.com

Experienced players and New players welcome!

Vanyel_Ashkevron, Guild Leader
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hello i wants to join your guild.
:) I play on softcore in between temp leagues
You seem really friendly and I am looking for people to play with, I would like to join your guild :)


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