What affects ethreal knives damage?

I wanna make an EK build but I really don't know what increases its damage. help!
vasdcrak wrote:
I wanna make an EK build but I really don't know what increases its damage. help!

Projectile dmg es#1
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Projectile and Spell damage will affect EK.

Early support gems such as Faster Projectiles and Fork are probably a good idea too.
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I tried linking with added fire damage (20% physical to fire) and it increase the damage. the question now is does fire nodes or increase fire/elemental nodes increase the damage from added fire damage support gem?
Once you're dealing elemental damage with your skills/attacks or spells, all the relevant nodes will come into play. In your case, since you added fire damage to the knives, you'll get bonuses from spell, projectile, elemental and fire damage nodes.
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Awesome! thanks for help :) I'm hoping to understand more of this game's mechanics so I can make unique builds in the future :)
+ spell dmg
+ projectile dmg
+ physical dmg on non weapon gear
+ elemental dmg if u use hatred, added fire dmg etc. (added fire dmg + hatred awesome combo for ek!)
+ cast speed
+ spellcrit/multiplier ; +global crit

ek - fork/chain, faster projectiles, added fire, faster casting, mana leech/life leech -things like that are awesome on it.
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