Torment/Bloodlines One Month Event (Hardcore)

The announcement thread covering more information regarding this event can be found here.

This league has both the properties from the Torment and Bloodlines Leagues.

Torment: Tormented Spirits haunt Wraeclast.
Bloodlines: Magic Monster Packs each have a Bloodline Mod.

While this league has the properties of both Torment and Bloodlines, Unique items specific to those leagues will not drop in these events.

This is a hardcore event. Dead characters will be moved to the Standard League. There is also a standard version of this event.


The top 20 players with living characters by experience will receive an alternate-art Demigod's Eye.

This league contains four challenges. Completing the challenges awards you with pieces of the previously unreleased Sanguine Seraph Set. The Seraph pieces are awarded to you in a specific order, regardless of the order you complete the challenges in.

  • One challenge complete: Sanguine Seraph Boots Skin
  • Two challenges complete: Sanguine Seraph Body Armour Skin
  • Three challenges complete: Sanguine Seraph Gloves Skin
  • Four challenges complete: Sanguine Seraph Helmet Skin

The trading thread for this event can be found here.

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Lets go :)
lets go
my butthole is definitely not rdy for this
I'll be missing the start of this, most likely, as I have to pick up and watch after sisters kid, but hey - gonna be aiming for HC and SC rewards.
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