[2.5] Shams Beserker 2h Mace Groundslam Build 200K Dps Atziri, U-Lab

Video Guide https://youtu.be/WXZy5n6wRnQ 2.5

My Gear

Leveling Passive Tree Text And Video Guide

Video Leveling Skill Tree Guide

Gems link

-Weapon :All 20/20 6 Linked

Added Fire Damage-Ground Slam-Multistrike-Fortify-Faster Attacks-Melee Phys Damage

-Chest :All 20/20 6 Linked

Ancestral Warchief-Leap Slam-Faster Attacks-Blood Magic-Melee Phys Damage-Melee Damage On Full Life Support

-Helm: All 20/20 4 Linked

Cast When Damage Taken-Vaal Grace-Enduring Cry-Immortal Call-Increased Duration

-Gloves: 4-linked All 20/20

Enlighten Lev 3-Hatred-Arctic Armor-Herald Of Ash

-Boots:All 4 Linked All 20/20

Summon Stone Golem-Minion life-Blood Rage-Increased Duration


Map Videos

Volcano Map Tir 14

Palace Map Tir 14

Uber Labyrinth


Video Full Run: https://youtu.be/8zodwXZhIPo



Jewel Crafting Guide Movie

My Jewels 2.0-2.1

I crafted them all self.Just buy magic crimson jewels trans/alt/regal.

Good mods for this build


Of Physical Attack Damage Leeched as Life 0.2-0.4%
Increased maximum Life 6-8%
Increased physical Damage 14-16%
Increased physical damage with Two Handed Melee Weapons 12-14%
Increased attack Speed with Two Handed Melee Weapons 4-6%
Increased Physical Damage with Maces 14-16%
Increased Attack Speed with Maces 6-8%


Increased attack speed 3-5%
Increased area damage 10-12%
Increased damage 8-10%
Increased Melee Damage 10-12%
Increased attack and Cast Speed 2-4%


2 times oak and Kraityn for this build
-40 life
-18% Physical Damage
-+1 Max Frenzy Charge

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Can i level a marauder from the start with this build?

tnx in advance
Last edited by mixl on Mar 4, 2015 8:17:12 AM

With this build its easy to level up,at start you got allot of choses.
what nodes you want to take,right to resolute techniques or at start some defences notes it up to you,Afther like 25-30 notes it start to going straight ways.So easy to level with it and allot of options at the start.

gl sham

Last edited by Doomshamino on Mar 5, 2015 7:18:08 PM
okay! thanks for the reply, i will try that.
added my gear.
Atziri kill added.
sweet, can you link a passive skill tree?

Also, no single targets skill? or just spam ground slam

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