Romp-a-Room 85+ req (Torment)

Hey all -

I am RangerRomp, leader of the guild and going to tell you what our guild is about and what is expected of its members.

Before I make you read any farther you must be LEVEL 85 to join. Most our members are 90 or higher, and if not they are nearing it. Another subject I should mention is that all our members are at least of the age 25, however that does not mean we would not accept younger.

We are a smaller in number guild, however that is by purpose. We do not ever want to reach more than 25 members, we prefer to stay around the numbers of 15-18. That way it is not a horde of players who do not know each other, help each other, and most importantly play the game together. A side bonus as well is there is no drama, we've had two incidents that were minor since the guild began back in late October. We are all extremely active meaning playing a minimum of 5 hours a day for some, for others 18. - You are not expected to have to maintain such intense play times however playing daily, or very close to it is.(We understand real life happens and some are married with families, so when you do have time to play we just expect you push yourself to do the most you can for yourself.)

The idea of the guild is to be more like a team, rather than a guild. Constantly playing maps / atziri'ing (although we all mostly just solo atz/ubers to make the runs go quicker) / sharing or selling items / mats with each other (yes, guild mates give guild mates discounts or for free. That does not mean if an item is worth 20ex you have to sell it to them for 5ex or something obnoxious like that. Any discount helps.) Another bonus to having a tight knit group of high end players in a smaller team like guild is we learn a lot of trade secrets and what not from each other to make a lot of currency in game. We have much more than just those things to offer, however figured I'd mention a few.

We do not require voice chat however we do prefer you use ventrillo with us or some of us use skype if its just two or three of us in a group if everyone else is busy doing their own thing.

We of course have guild bank tabs, and they are free for all for the members of the guild. Its just stuff like maps, some lower end uniques, white 5 links, stuff like that however it is starting to be filled with more valuable stuff as we are progressing.

I know that this recruit post sounds a little intense on demands and such, but our overall guild personality is jokes all the time and comradery. As I said earlier in the post, we have only had two incidents in ~4 months.

Thank you for reading my 1500 page long post, sorry for it being as long as it is. -

RangerRomp/Smeshin - If interested in joining please friend add RangerRomp, AllAboutIce, Selwino, or Faoutis. One or more of us will interview and then if it goes well, an invite will come. You'll be watched for 1-2 weeks and then you're officially apart of the guild. Apps are allowed the same privileges as all members off the bat. We just want to see how you fit in.
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