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I've the same build, it face rolls everything, I have yet to try uber atziri but I think even that is doable, just requires fast leap slam.

if you want to add a vid of atziri kill:

(I used abyssus in it, just for fun)
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Abysus triples dps, nice idea.
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Could you please post a screenshot of defenses? I would like to see your evasion rating without the use of grace. Thanks!
hayze420 wrote:
Could you please post a screenshot of defenses? I would like to see your evasion rating without the use of grace. Thanks!

Hi this is a defence screenshot for lvl 89.
Also, you shouldn't worry about evasion cause of CWDT and a huge life pool also having 40percent dodge chance is pretty effective when u combine that with vaal grace


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Hey ppl,

I dropped a Doomsower recently, and never did a melee char before, so this build was my chance to try it out.

I did followed the RT path so, and just dinged 80. So far, I've been fighting with only a 4L ( i'll update my doomsower soon enough ), and it works pretty well ( DPS ain't a problem at all, 13 / 16 K tooltip since level 65 )

I can confirm only few map mods are a problem with this build ( I couldn't get Vaal Pact so far ), it's fun too play, cheap enough to be played with low currency, and can also be a perfect learning build to get to higher level crafts.

Dodge tanking is only viable with Vaal Grace, you should get your hand on that as soon as possible, adds tons of survivability

I'm having fun with this, so thank you mate for this build :')

Hope i'll drop an hegemony someday ;P

Thought i should make my own post about this build but here you go guys :)
This has been by far the MOST FUN BUILD in POE so far (i've tried 15+ (FOTM and less so)builds on a less than optimal comp.

I used crit version on Static Strike this time around. Tried RT with a fast 320ish 1-h Corsair the first time on a different char. That was nice but not really something special, I'd imagine 2-h doomsower would feel kinda similar endgame.

I played Static Strike for leveling. First weapon was Shiversting, later upgrading to Rigvalds Charge. Those just happened to be in my stash so used them. Could have upgraded to Terminus Est but forgot that one. Bandits were the usual, oak-oak-alira. Leveling felt kinda fast but thats common for twinked gear. The staff was waiting for me when I decided to roll this new char... Couldn't afford a Hege staff so made one myself - thats the final result after MANY alts and 2 yolo exalts. It took time, i'd have taken any cheaper version if I had one. That thing equals an average Hegemony's Era in DPS.

In the tree I used the basic "get all crit multi you can" -setup. So the tree looks a little funny. On the bright side never had any gearing req issues. Eva+dodge base same as OP:s. 4 power+3 endurance charges up usually.

I've tried several skill setups - the latest and one i've had most fun with is this:
- 5L: Static - WED-Melee Phy - Multistrike - Inc crit damage
- 5L: Leap slam - PCOC - Endurance charge on melee stun - Faster attk - Inc crit strikes

The other links are easy too
- 4L: Reduced mana - Hatred - Herald of ash - Elemental Proliferation
- 4L: CWDT - the usual
- 4L: Vengeance - Curse on hit - Assassins mark - Melee splash...
( tried vaal cyclone etc. before. All those were ok but I happened to chrome these. I'd have taken a quality Vaal Immortal Call (with a spell echo+enduring cry) but never got one.

The character is really NICE to play. You just jump into a mob (gaining power+endurance charges and igniting) and then go ham. Leaping to the next mob ignites everything on the way. Ignite makes this single (+AOE on static) target build become an AOE monster.

I've tried several chest pieces with this char (5L something, Belly) but Daresso's Defiance gives it the extra something.
So whenever you get hit you get an extra ~15% flat DPS more (it gave 40k-47k on merciless Sarn). I'll take that especially with the now cursed mob (40% more or something

This (melee) build can run all the usual maps. I have trouble on +xx damage 78 maps because I cant freeze the boss - so need to play smart on those. Leap slam lets you kite.
On reflect maps you just switch out either the phys or ele damage gem for Life Leech - thats it. On really sketchy maps (that your pals roll for you) you need to swap multistrike for Leech. That makes the prolif even more visible.

Upgrades for me would be a Taste of Hate flask. Otherwise this thing is ready (and was already at level 70...).

Fun as heck. Try that. And sorry for the wall of text OP :)
Forgot to add this for the DPS counters out there:

Crit staff static goes past 100k solo. On parties you gotta watch for reflect packs especially in water (Strand) and hedges (Labyrinth).

I leveled a Grace gem offhand but never once swapped out Hatred for that. Leech works worders :).
how you use 120/120 points in passive tree if you dont collect points three bandits?
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hardcandy89 wrote:
how you use 120/120 points in passive tree if you dont collect points three bandits?

Its just to give a general idea what it looks with all the points, you can choose to not take the passives u think are not efficient enough.
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