1.3.0i Patch Note

Version 1.3.0i
  • Fixed a bug where exploding Strongboxes would not explode correctly.

The purpose of this patch is mostly that we needed to perform some quick maintenance and had to take the realm down, but while it's down we may as well deploy this long-awaited fix to strongboxes.
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Thanks for the hard work! I am excited for strongboxes.
ign - Clex


Waiting for GGG to add DARKSHRINES and patch 1.2 for custom leagues.
+1 for strongboxes...
IGN: HueHueHue_HueHueHue
Thanks for fixing that. It was irritating to clear a box and have to wait 5 minutes before it opened.
Guess i gotta cap fire res now.
IGN: Beardedwizzard
what up cuzz

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