Spec Throw/Crit Dagger Acro 42000 Dps

Hi this first started as a st/ds thread but ive since changed it to just spec throw, hence the early comments. This isnt a beginners build the gear requirements to get a lot of dmg out of st are high.
Currently my ttdps is 42000 LMP St (with power charges up). The build is capable of up to uber atziri with decent enough skill and gear.

My Gear

Acro end build(grab stat points as you need).
Thanks to Wyoian and Mathil for the st guides this tree is adapted from.

This is a Dual Wield build many thanks to Hshok and Etherfire for this tree.

Oak, Kraityn, Alira.

Early trees for levelling with static strike. Added fire, melee phys, faster attacks, weapon elemental dmg and multistrike are all good supports.
32 points
60 points
82 points
After this just follow the main guide, pick up +int/str nodes when needed, refund passives when moving to st and grab survivalist for capping resists (if you need it).

Early levelling.
Start a scion name it whatever, take the spectral throw gem get to the twilight strand and put your st in your stash. I personally would also start a marauder and grab the static strike gem for killing hillock. Early levelling is good with a 2h sword use st and static strike for up close combat. I did some levelling in torment till i got bored and running into the middle of mobs is very effective with static strike, dont try and kill everything. To be honest st sucks till higher levels.
2 important vendor lvling recipes are inc phys dmg, a weapon, rustic sash (rarity and ilvl are important) and a whetstone. Inc movement speed a quicksilver flask, boots and orb of augmentation will inc move spd by 5.
Use poe.trade to buy what you need, all the uniques i mention are easily attainable for 1c (excluding bino's)
At level 20 you can buy an Ungil's Gauche dagger and at level 35 a mightflay dagger, that will last you till l50 or so when a good rare will carry you till either a bino's or a late game rare.
These are great levelling uniques The peregrine, unique helmet add mov speed/item rarity and some lightning res. Wurms molt (life/mana leech). Crest of perandus block/life leech.

Noob guide to currency. (note I wrote this a while ago in standard, torment prices are different
check the global chat forums and sarn notice boards before changing currency)
Hi, Fhark here, it took me till my second character before I learned a few basic recipes which should make you a fair amount of currency as you level. Here is a small guide to help you have an easier time on your first or next character. There are more recipes but these are the ones most commonly used.

1. Chromatic Recipe: any 3 different colour's linked will vendor for a chromatic. Doesn't matter if the item is normal, magic or rare. This recipe will probably make 1/2 your currency as you level.

2. Selling of Quality Goods: Any group of quality (Q) item's that add up to 40Q can be vendored for the relevant crafting item, eg: total 40Q armour will vendor 1 armour scrap. The same works for blacksmith stones. Generally this method is only useful for q gems as gem cutter prisms are worth a lot but the recipe can help for fresh starts and new leagues to help get people blacksmith stones to rolling blue weapons.

3. Chaos Orb Recipe: any full group of items that drop from a lvl60 or higher map can be vendored for 1 chaos. Eg 2 rings, 1 amulet, belt, shoes, gloves, chest armour, helmet and 1 2handed weapon or 2 1handed weapons. Unidentified is worth 2 chaos. Regal recipe is the same but all items lvl75 or higher. To determine an items level click on the item and type /itemlevel in the console.

4. Cartographer's Chisel Recipe: Any stone hammer, rock hammer or gavel at 20% quality with any map.

5. Unidentified Coral or Paua amulet: One rare Coral or Paua ring with 7 iron rings will vendor one unidentified Coral or Paua amulet. Useful for unidentifed Chaos recipe.

Currency: Basic Rates: get your monies worth.
NOTE: These are average rates to guide you through Wraeclast. Real market value will always depend on the league itself but this is a good starting point.

*Vendor: 2 Alterations = 1 jewellers, 4 jewellers = 1 fusing.
*Market: 2 fusings = a chaos, however
*40 fusings = an exalt and
*30-32 chaos = an exalt, so if you have to sell your fusings try to get 10c:16fus etc.
*8-9 chromatics = a chaos
*3 chisels = a chaos
*3-4 alchs = a chaos
*4 orbs of chance = a chaos.
*2 scouring = a regret, 1 regret = 2-3 chaos
*GCP gem cutters prism = 3-4 chaos

hshok running dual boss palace http://youtu.be/Lio2PkpCRmA you can see his build and gear here http://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1152551
Wyoian tackling uber atziri https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yQLjhzxKtTk

Thanks for reading I will update again in the next couple of days.
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Also note that you can put whatever you like in your melee four link, mucking around with static strike at the moment already over 100000 dps at level 10.
sounds rrealy good and strong especialy its not another ll st 1 k ex worth build i think to try it but 1 sugestion sience i see its crit build you got low crit chance/multipler in items gloves no maligaro ???
Where is YOUR uber run videos? Not other players videos
lky940820 this is uber viable, at present I couldnt do the run, I dont have the skill or the gear but the original poster who i referenced did it with pretty much the same tree and a better dagger since add phys/acc hybrid was available then. Personally my sense is I would need a lot of practice and a Loath bane ambusher to pull it off.
Shecutor well my gear is pretty hard to move around and my gloves make up more resists then anything else, probably the next thing I aim to improve is my amulet. I will post damage stats with maligros.
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Shecutor my spec throw is 37100 with mailigros and power charges, (32000 with normal gloves) rather stupidly killed myself to reflect in a vaal area:D Did get lucky yesterday and vaaled my st gem to l21.
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Hi there.

Why is it you grab the talent Weapon Artistry (middle of ranger melee wheel). It doesn't apply damage to spectral throw and the block is neglected through acrobatics :)? Is the damage bonus to double strike that important :)?

same goes for the two 10% increased physical melee damage when holding a shield talents :)
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It really is a hybrid build often i use reave/ds/static strike to take down enemys, 140000 dps is a lot faster then 32000, If you wanted to do a pure spectral throw build you would probably head straight up through ballistic mastery. The maths on the block nodes is x .7 so with a 30blk shield i have 24 block with acrobatics and 21 if i grabbed no shield nodes but i need to path over to that side of the tree regardless. To be honest I dont run acrobatics at the moment, (I think acro will depend a lot on your gear if you get acuity's for example you end up having so much armour its pointless to 1/2 it) I will post my exact tree in an hour or so.
For try, for see, and for know.

This is a buff

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