[WISE] Wise Man's Fear | Recruitment Endgame Players (German/English)

The Wise Man's Fear [WISE] looking for new and nice Endgame Players.
TS3: | http://wisemansfear.de/
Language: German / Englisch

[WISE] is a endgame orientated Guild from Germany with many international known Players. We doing every evening 78 Rotations, Atziri and Uber runs or just create new trading and build tactics. Many players of us are well known in Forums/Rotations or known as Streamers or Youtubers. For Example: Felua, GlatiosZ, TheWayneTrain, Crackhoehle, YesImNotKiddingU, Sonnykek, and many more!

- 18 Years old
- Endgame ready (78 Maps)
- Ambitious
- Teamable
- Speak German / English
- You should know this thing, called "Reallife"
- Teamspeak 3 + Headset

- You play with many of the best german and international players
- You're the first, that knows any official or unifficial news
- We're holding a lot of original Mirror items, known in Forums
- We got a lot of well known theorycrafters
- We got a really good connection to the richest and best players, around the globe
- We are generally well known as one of the best guilds in Path of Exile
- We are a bulk of funny people, loving beer and long nights with good drops
- We got nearly every build ingame as a maxed out version

Get one of us and meet us in Teamspeak 3:!

BTW You can use our Teamspeak for free, just PM: TheWayneTrain. He will arrange everthing for you!
There is only one place, for a man with a fake beard and this place is reserved for the WayneTrain!
There is only one place, for a man with a fake beard and this place is reserved for the WayneTrain!

I am interested in joining your guild. This is me in short:

Age: 28
Location: Germany
Languages: German and English
League: Softcore Standard
Account Name: CilitBangGang (Not a real measurement for my maturity, really.)

I am looking for a friendly guild with active members to theorycraft, run maps and help each other out.

Please PM me if there is a spot available for me here.

IGN: Furmurumu
Im interested.
Age: 18
Location: USA
League: Standard
Languages spoken: English, Chinese
Timezone: EST but I stay up late cuz college

I just wanna chill and run high level maps.
Animalistic in nature, somebody help me
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