What happens when the Rampage and Beyond Challenge Leagues end this week?

When the leagues end, there will briefly be a period of downtime while we merge Challenge League Hideout and Master progress with the Standard and Hardcore leagues. When the merge occurs, the following rules are applied separately for the Rampage->Standard and Beyond->Hardcore transfers:
  • The highest reputation master of each type is retained.
  • For each master, your challenge league and permanent league favour totals are summed.
  • The hideout with the most decorations is retained. The others are returned to your Hideout Stash.
  • Items inside crafting benches are stored per-character so will still be there.

If you don't know which of your Hideouts has the most decorations, then you can ensure that one of them isn't picked by wiping it with a fresh hideout. Simply go to the league that has the hideout you don't want to keep and create a new hideout with any level 3+ Master. Or simply reclaim your decorations by hand.

The characters in these Challenge Leagues will transfer to their parent leagues. Rampage characters will transition to Standard and Beyond characters will transition to Hardcore. Please note that this process is not instant - it can take some time. We will start the process a few minutes after the leagues end.

Your stash tabs from the challenge leagues will also transition to their parent leagues as remove-only tabs. This is so that you aren't penalised for not having enough stash tabs. Remove-only tabs will last until the items are removed from them. Once you remove an item from a remove-only stash tab you cannot return it to that stash tab.

Once this process is complete, we'll award the Silver/Gold Halo microtransactions for players who completed 5/8 or 8/8 challenges respectively. The first 50 players to complete 8/8 challenges will receive an exclusive t-shirt. They'll be contacted about their sizes.

Some of the features we tested in the Rampage and Beyond challenge leagues will be added to the core game in different forms. We've created a Development Manifesto entry on this topic with our current line of thinking. Most of these changes will occur when the 1.3.0 content update is released in December.

As mentioned in the news earlier this week, there's a one week Rampage/Beyond race starting on Friday November 28 (PST).
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Thanks for the information. Excited to see what is coming in the next set of challenges!
Looking forward to more activity on Standard. :)
got it i guess
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first page Kappa
Please don't take Rampage and Beyond into the core game.
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What happens when the Rampage and Beyond Challenge Leagues end this week?
People quit until new leagues
Finally the easymode/not really fun(for me ofc) is over , still looking forward for more challanging/fun league next :D Talking about rampage , the hardcore was fun andddd i died :D still fun :P
I like the manifesto, nice explanations there.
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Poop, Go back to 4 month. 3 month is stupid.
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