[1.2.4] El Dotterino -Poison & Puncture- [Pics & Vids]

This is a build that spiralled from a previous burning arrow build.

While rerolling his phys/crit bow i hit the +1 skill +2 bow skill mods. Hence i decided to give DOT's (damage over time) a go!

The main damage skill is Poison Arrow. Easy choice, since this skill benefits greatly from added levels on the skill gem. The second damage skill is Puncture and is located in the second weapon slot on another bow.

The idea of the build is you create many poison clouds and let the monsters suffocate within.
You slow the world around with the curse gem Temportal chains, so the monsters won't wander out of the clouds too fast.

The speed difference between you and the cursed monsters is a game changer.

You will have no trouble from any kind of reflect; the poison arrow's innitial hit hardly does any damage, and the cloud does pure chaos damage and does not reflect. The puncture is activated by a trap and hence it does not reflect any damage back to you.

Monsters will never be one shot, it will all ways take abit of time. So best stay on the move and or keep yourself busy picking up loot.

The poison arrow cloud is not able to kill Totems, nor does it pack a big punch. To compensate for this i have puncture on my weaponswap. It's linked inside a unique chinsol bow to scale it's damage for close targets, ie close to the trap that you place under the monsters feet and not close in relation to your character. Puncture can kill totems easily, the hard part is aiming them.

This skills are mega user friendly. You only have 5 on your skill bar.
(6 if you count the detonate mine button)

I do not keep aura's on my skill bar, so i dont accidently deactivate them.



Poison Arrow:

Poison arrow does not benefit from all extra damage sources. Projectile damage does work on the cloud, and thus is drillneck a huge deal.
Note1: my empower gem is only level3 (+1 gem from bow=+3 instead of lvl4 gem for max+4), The Poison Arrow gem is level 20 and not 21. So this damage is still relatively low compared to perfect poison arrow level 28.
Note2: Slower projectiles / Increased area of effect are great gems in this linkup. Currently trying out the reduced mana gem.
Note3: The cloud of the poison arrow cannot crit. The type bow im using would not be number1 choice. But can hardly be picky since +3 skill bows are pretty rare.

Split Arrow Tripple curse on hit:

Curse on hit makes your curses stronger and is really really really OP. It would've taken this ranger ages to manually cast 3 curses on a monster. The cursing arrow's have 100% pierce, so monster packs are lit up like christmas trees in one go.


Note: I will probably try to hookup puncture with a drillneck setup.


Off Skills

Vaal lightning Trap

Shocked ground increases damage taken by 50% and will also make the monster take 50% more from the DoT. A very nice double dip for puncture. You can hoard up 3 uses unlike other vaal skills where you get only 1 shot at a boss. That means you can use your vaal skill much sooner in maps because you know you'll have one at the end. Note: lvl 1 gem has the same duration as a higher level one, and we're not interested in trap dmg. just the shock on the floor. Increasing the duration can be achieved by increased duration skill gem and/or increased duration skill nodes.


Not only for opening boxes, also good versus Master Vagan and other nasty bosses that need to be blinded for evasion to work better. Smokemine also provides nice movement at bosses like Vaal twin at Aziri.


A must have. Don't leave town without it.

Since the bow does not do alot of physical damage, I cannot leech anough mana with it.
To manage my mana i use "Mana on kill" and Clarity. If i somehow do messup (desync or mistakes), i can always use my instant Hybrid Flask for emergency mana.

Probably possible to run a third aura if you solve the mana puzzle.

HC viability

defenitly viable.
You run enfeeble and temportal chains, what more would you want?
Kite and Kill.

Still 25% Life to be picked up in the skill tree. Can lower damage for more life.

Aziri Tweaking

Right now the mirror phase is the hardest. So im using vaal lighttrap in that phase. You can nicely place it when they are spawning.


Would you like to play:

Then you've come to the right place!
welcome, feel free to copy the build or take the things you like and make it your own.

This is a build that combines Lightning Tendril (LT) with Knockback (KB).

LT fire's 4 times and with spell echo that's 8 times. Knocback support gem gives a skill a chance to knockback on each hit. In LT's case that is 8 times. I gues you get the picture:
After you fire your LT's the monsters will be either be dead or flung to a comfortable distance (or even off your screen).

For LT to really shine damage wise; you need concentrated effect. But alas, we're not going that route. We focus on getting the biggest LT ever. So that means no concentrated effect in the normal gem setup, but we'll carry a spare gem for a boss scenario though. This build is not about the biggest LT crit, but about the biggest area it effects. So we'll not be using crit gems either. The bigger the area, the longer you'll be able to hit them. Unless there's a wall you can put the monsters up against, nicely lined up for their executioner. Also important is castspeed; since that will prevent the monsters from reaching you if they're very fast.

For this to work, the first thing this build need is Area of effect (AoE) skill nodes. These are located near the Witch, Templar and Scion. Any of these will be an excellent choice as base for your character. The second type of skill nodes we'll be needing are the KB skill nodes close to the Marauder. I've started out with a witch. Since I had not made one this new league. Any of the above will do.


Note: "does not stun on interrupt"
Knockback is capable of interrupting indirectly. Skills need range, and knockback can change that. Also it messed up the monsters AI, so they sometimes do nothing.

credits to http://pathofexile.gamepedia.com

I've struggled with my defenses alot. The melee part is not a big problem apart from leapers and flickerstrikers. Melee monsters can be kept at bay:

The ranged monsters and especially evangelists pose a real threat. If you're able to get off the first shot, the battle is usually won without a scratch. An example of difficult leaping monsters and an easy melee boss: Video of precinct boss encounter


At this time I've giving up on the original idea of hybrid and went for arctic armor combined with abit of armor. As for HC this is not anough, the stars align too frequent to be safe unless you can find protection in a party. While leveling i've ised LT-Lifeleech-LightningPenetration. It looks like I might have to turn back to lifeleech for survivability and drop one of the castspeed gems. LT + Lifeleech has the same facetank effect as doublestrike. Fast and continuous hits.

Skill Tree


The daggers need 95 dex. So that needs finetuning in either gear or tree.

help oak
kill (cast speed is good too)
help oak (kill all is probably better)

Since i was struggling so much with survivability, I went the route of boosting my Immortal Call gem with both more endurances charges and duration. I even tried manual enduring cry with spell echo for the 10+ second duration immortal call. That seemed the wrong way since the build style is to first strike with LT.

I havent tried the popular route of cloack of deviance and haven't bothered to try a Carcass since i got no easy acces to the best evasive defenses. It does however give acces to even more AoE.

Since we're not doing big single hits, reflect isnt much of a problem. We'll have a topaz flask at the ready though.




Lightning Tendril:


Lightning Tendril Double curse on hit:


Curse on hit makes your curses stronger and is really really really OP. The Area of the cursing LT is smaller then the main damage LT.

Herald of Thunder:


Immortal Call:




Purity of Lightning

If you read all this, now exlaim:
"I am the Storm!"
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added pics & vids
awesome build buddy ! :)

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