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It is currently not possible to search for craftable affixes or number of open prefixes/suffixes.


Q: My items aren't showing.
A: Either bump your topic or wait for it (about a day or more). Make sure to bump your topic every time you edit it if you want the updates to be reindexed [almost] instantly.

Q: How to add my items/my shop to the indexer?
A: Just post your thread on forums (Selling/Shops sections) and that's it. Be aware that it may take up to 20 minutes to index your thread. Also it only shows items from the first post.

Q: Indexer doesn't show me online, even after long time.
A: Make sure your character appears in ladder.

Q: Gear from my shop doesn't show up on indexer.
A: poe.trade only indexes first post of a thread, make sure items you want to sell are in the first post.
A: Reindexing items takes time. If you want it to be done much faster just bump your topic, after that gear will be indexed in 5-10 minutes.
A: poe.trade filters duplicates so if you have multiple shops the same gear will only be shown once.

Q: I want poe.trade to show a different IGN.
A: This is impossible. It doesn't matter what IGN it shows, people will be able to contact you anyway. All messages will be redirected by the game to the character you're playing.
A: YES THIS REALLY WORKS! If you've tested this and it doesn't work for you then you probably tried to message yourself, which is wrong and yes, in that case it won't work. But in all other cases it will work! Really!

Q: My IGN is not displaying.
A: If your profile page is set to private IGN will not be shown.
A: If you want your IGN to be refreshed, send any message to the poexyzis account. You'll get online link and also your profile will be rescanned within a few minutes.
A: Also your IGN will be reindexed if you manually bump your thread.

Q: How do I online?
A: Read http://poe.trade/html/online.html

Q: How to update my topic?
A: Either bump it on forums or find any item from your topic and press "verify". Note that update will not be instant either way, you'll have to wait for about 5 minutes.

Q: How do I set buyout prices?
A: http://poe.trade/html/tags.html
A: An easier alternative is to use Acquisition which will automate the shop creation and updates for you: Acquisition downloads

Q: About the new trade system/public stash tabs..
A: Read this: http://poe.trade/html/public-stash-tabs.html

Q: How do I remove my forum shop?
A: Edit your forum post removing all text, then bump it.
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nice, hope you finish it soon, would be a very useful tool
IGN : Hungryneko
Nice work. I think a level field would be a good addition if possible.
ohhhh this is coooolllll
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Prooops dude! This will make shopping for stuff so much easier.
This page is now on my fav toolbar. You sir, have made my life 25% easier.
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Awesome! Can't wait until you get jewelery and quivers working but it's great still!
Thank you for your work. :)
Awesome stuff. Just wondering.. are the results listed in any particular order? Same order as the forum I assume? Also, is this just the shops forums or the wts forums as well?
Last edited by FaceLicker on Feb 6, 2013 4:21:45 PM
FaceLicker wrote:
Awesome stuff. Just wondering.. are the results listed in any particular order? Same order as the forum I assume? Also, is this just the shops forums or the wts forums as well?

They're listed in random order (not actually random, just not ordered).
Only "Shops" forum is parsed. I'll add another one later.

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