The Spectrel Gods ( A Summoners Guide ) [Updated 4/22][Now with video!]

People Reading My Old Guide: Ive since created a new build found in this thread:

New build consist of IR | EB | and use of BM's in conjunction with High minion life.

I will not be updating this guide any longer. Please direct your questions to the new thread, thank you.

So you wanna play the game without playing the game? Welcome to the Full Summoner Build. My play style consist of doing nothing and gaining eveything. I spend most of the time staring at the ground looking for items while my minions do all the work. Good luck and AFK always (while sipping tea of course) =P.

This build focuses on reviving certain very op spectre's in the game that absolutely wreck everything in their path. They are supported by a Tanky front time that deal tremendous damage when they explode with Minion Instability.



* Am gonna do a show casing of various mobs you can spectre

Night Adder(The snake with the new incinerate skill)

Burned miscreations (Dock farming)

Undying Incinerators

Tentacle Miscreations

ColbyCheeze Series

Map Runs
67 cemetery
70 graveyard

Build features

- Being able to summon up to 4 very powerful spectre's that do unmatched dps
- Your character will be quite Tanky (should reach 4k+ HP around level 80, with hp gear)
- Able to summon up to 10 zombies
- Able to summon up to 16 skeletons
- Minion Instability (Will bomb mobs for a lot of damage)
- Being able to stack auras (5-10 of them) depending on build
- EB Gives Plenty of Mana Regen (No need for mana pots here)
- Arc + Elemental Proliferation for shock stacking groups for 40-80-120% more damage
- 2+ Curses (depending if you choose to use Doedre's Damning )


- Rough start lvls 1-40
- requires a "startup" time when you grab the spectre's you want
- Minion builds are weak to strong AOE
- Re-summoning the spectre you want can be a pain in the ass.
- Requires a line of your inventory for switching out support gems (inc case spectres die and they will)

The Build

Bandit Rewards
Normal: Kill All
Cruel: Kill All
Merciless: Kill All

* 40 hp from normal oak is an option that you can take

Early level Pointers

The early levels for a summoner levels 1-40 are very rough and slow.
I suggest
- FireTraps
- BearTraps
- Some spell
- skeleton totem for bosses
- Rushing to MI Asap

Hang in there fellow summoners, it only gets better with levels

Points of interest (why i choose the nodes i did)

Eldrich Battery vs. Energy Shield
Having eldrich battery is superior in my opinion

- no longer have mana and mana regen problems (not held down by resource spending)
- able to stack 5-10 auras(with reduced mana reserve)
- aura stacking makes your army very strong Auras affect is multiplied by every minion in your army
- able to use midnight's bargain

- lose access to Chaos Inoc
- lose energy shield(tankiness)

Why spec so much just for dual curses?
Now some of you may be wondering why u should sacrifice defensive nodes for this well...
- One of the other ways to buff minion dps is through curses

Why dual totems is a bad idea (personal opinion)
- Your gonna waste like 9-12 nodes (whatever pathing) for something that a faster casting skele can acheive
- some of you may want to have a damaging totem this is understandable but your minions will far out damage whatever spells u want to cast

Static blows
- When it comes to increasing your dps beyond dual curses add in a healthy dose of shock stacking (each stack makes the enemy take 40%-80%-120% more damage)

Necromantic Aegis[optional]
- What you do is pick up a high spell dmg shield(so your caster spectre deals more dmg)
- I would not pick this up if you can't cap your resist without a shield or you fear death, its pretty risky

- I noticed high level aura gems still does not give good enough coverage. These aura range nodes helps cover your entire army during the whole fight which increases the efficiency of your aura stacking.

Core Items

+2 Minion helm


IIR stacking uniques:

Essential stats for items(In list of importance)

* my prefered armor type is armor/es hybrids

1. HP
1. Resist (of every kind + chaos resist)
2. Flat/percentile armor/energy shield stat
3. Dex
4. Str
5. Max Mana
6. Mana Regen
7. Int

Slot setup

Zombies +2 minion helm
Added Fire - Elemental Proliferation - Chance to Ignite

[Role: AOE burn damage, tank]


Every melee attack will ignite enemies with burn for 4/3 of that melee damage

Zombies explosion triggers ignite and ele pro which burns for 4/3 of 33% of zombie hp in an aoe
Temporal chain boosts that to 8/3 [factor in minion dmg nodes, shock charge, elemental pro, flammability] its 8/3 of explosion * all those multipliers

Zombie +2 minion helm
Added Fire - Remote mine - MultiStrike/Minion Damage

[Role: Single Target Dps, tank]


Configuration for maximum zombie auto attack damage. Will shred bosses,rares,blues

Spell Totem - Added Chaos Damage - MultiStrike

[Role: Single Target Dps, distraction]


Every Skeleton hits 3 times for 81-122 chaos, (+ wrath and anger if you have those up)

This results in quite a huge single target dps increase, enough dps to single handily run maps with just a skeleton totem

Shock stacking
x2 shock nodes - Arc - Elemental Proliferation

[Role: aoe shock spreading, directs minions to attack]


Temporal chain makes this last 2x longer

120% more damage works on everything including burn

Temporal Chain - Elemental weakness - [if third curse] Flammability/Conductivity

Purity - Vitality - Discipline - Clarity - Wrath - Anger
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Which mobs to spectre?

God Tier
~ Tentacle Miscreation - Lunaris Temple 2/3
~ Flame Sentinel - Solaris Temple 1/2/3
~ Undying Incinerators - Crematorium 1

Tier 1
~ Carrion Queen
~ Arc mages ( exchange multiple projectile with chain or faster casting)
~ Lightning Banners
~ Wand Pirates from waterfall cave 2 ]
~ Undying Alchemist
~ Ancient Construct [Framerate drop factor: Low]
~ Flame Sentinel [Framerate drop factor: High]
~ Flaming Alchemist [Framerate drop factor: Medium]
~ Snakes (all variants)[Framerate drop factor: Low]

Tier 2
~ SandSpitter [Framerate drop factor: None]
~ Lightning Arrow Archers [Framerate drop factor: Low]
~ Poison Archers
~ Explosive Arrow Archers
~ Ice archers
~ Flame archers
~ Freezing pulser's from catacombs

Tier 3
~ Regular Archers

Shit Tier
~ anything that is not tanky and is melee.

Spectre Indepth

* what support gems to link before raising(in list of importance) + some tips and pointers
* Use increased rarity gem for farming
* Add minion health and/or life leach if you want your spectres to tank

~ Tentacle Miscreation [Framerate drop factor: Low]
1. Raise Spectre
3. Minion Damage
4. Fire Pen
5. Faster attack
6. Added chaos dmg

| Use elemental weakness + Flammability |

These guys are quite fragile and will need constant potting from you. Their projectiles 100% pierce and hit about 2-3 screens away. GMP'ed one will give great aoe coverage.

Burned Miscreation [Framerate drop factor: None]
* under construction needs more testing
1. Raise Spectre

They cast unrighteous fire which is different then righteous fire. They do not deal damage to them selves and it seems to deal a percentage based damage. With elemental weakness things die VERY fast and another flammability curse means things die almost instantly. Their damaging aura can go through some walls.

| Use elemental weakness + Flammability |

~ Lightning Banners [Framerate drop factor: Low]
1. Raise Spectre
2. Chain
3. Minion Damage
4. Faster Casting
5. Lightning Pen
6. Chaos Damage

| Use elemental weakness + Conductivity |

They cast channeled lightning and combined with faster casting and haste they cast VERY fast. So fast it can virtually stun lock white mobs. They have an energy shield and are quite tanky. They can also spread shock charges. With chain their spell range is quite far hitting things off screen.

~ Cinder Elementals [Framerate drop factor: Low]
1. Raise Spectre
2. MultiStrike
3. Minion Damage
4. Minion Health
5. FirePen
6. Life Leach

The rolling fire golems. There AOE after they roll is extremly strong capable of koing my 18203 life zombies. Mutlistrike makes them roll 3 times giving great aoe coverage. They are also naturally tanky

*section constantly under contruction*

Tips and Tricks

Heres a tip to fighting piety on all difficulties. Open a portal. Summon all zombies and spectre , run in than skeleton totem. Cast elemental weakness. She will blow up your minions really fast dealing tremendous damage. When most or all of your zombies die portal out gather more minions near another way point and repeat till dead.

This method is usually very safe since at the slightest chance of danger u portal out.

Oak was actually harder then piety for me. Kill all the mobs around him then portal out. Come back with your full army then curse him and lay down a skeleton totem. Proceed to run around in circles like a chicken to prevent him from killing you with his leap slam. Eventually you will prevail. Keep re-summoning totems as he kills them.

How to draw agroo off initially since your army "follows"
Your army trails behind you as you move which puts your character in a lot of danger

I suggest
- skele-totem moving. Every so often cast a totem at the edge of the screen in front of you they should start attracting agroo as you move in to better position the rest of your army
- The back-track. Once you see a mobs in front of you quickly run to the back of your army the mobs should deagroo on you and go after your minions.

Cheating more sockets out
Found a way to cheat yourself more socket space

Since zombies/spectre use the support gems the moment they are raised, this means you can remove all but the zombie/spectre gem and put other gems in there.

For example I have a 5 linked chest


I summon the spectres with support gems in them

I can now take those support gems off b/c the spectre that was raised is already enhanced by supports as long as the spectre gem is inside your socket the spectre will remain

I can now put in any kind of skills gems/auras/whatever gems you want.

I only advise you to do this with spectre as a good one can last a while. You can do this with the zombie gem too but they need to be constantly replaced so it will be a hassle.

How to run Maps as a summoner

How to be more versatile at maps
Lets face it your spectre that you brought in will most likely die. Some freak aoe or gap-closing melees will tear your poor spectre a new one.

How do you deal with your spectre being killed? Bring different support gems and a linked gear on switch depending on the situation. For example see a arc mage in a Map? switch out to chain, faster casting, minion damage. See a burning miscreation? switch to increased area range, minion life, minion damage. See a snake/archer on the map? Switch to faster attack, minion damage, GMP.

You get the drift. Spectre are extremely versatile use them to your advantage.

I often hear people complaining how useless spectres are end game. But this is not the case, those people bring in mobs from non-map areas into the Maps they run and expect them to survive. The spectre inside the maps have better base stats and you can "build" the optimal spectre with what mobs you have and the extra support gems in your inventory.

What this build brings to a Map Party
People don't like to bring summoners into their party and am at a wonder why not.

1. We draw off agroo and were a good tank for dpsers.
2. We can carry many auras
3. provide constantly shock debuffing.
4. Your minions with the right support gem linked will do a ton of damage. Especially a linked spectre. Not to mention the giant nuke when your minion explode with MI.

Monsters to watch out for as a summoner
Cinder Elemental - the burning roll will annihilate your minions
Undying Incinerator - The burning trap is almost an insta kill for your minions
Undying alchemist - kills your minions if they remain in the cloud

Current Gear setup

What are my stats like atm?

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I will be editing my spectre tier list as I try each one and run through maps
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what which did u pick help or attack oak alaira and krayln
summon an explosive golem or something
no i meant for bandits what did he do
i was refering to the quests
matt can u check ur message because i sent you a pm
I opped for more skill points for every bandit. Although if you want to grab the 40 hp node from oak you can. Most of the time you will have enough survivability.
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Am taking static blows away from my core build. There really is no point to casting arc when your spectres rape things before you even hit your arc button lmao... Also you have to keep up with arc damage to even have a decent shock duration its a useless waste of mana when you could just grab those arc mages and spectre them. Your access mana will be used to curse and lay conversion traps down. Btw am using

elemental weakness curse
discipline aura
wrath aura


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